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Samsung Reality


The Samsung Reality, known as a "next-generation messaging and social networking" device, offers a 3 inch WQVGA touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, multiple messaging options, and 3.2MP camera with video capture.

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  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Music Player
  • Physical QWERTY
  • Speakerphone
  • Touch Screen

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General Info
Data Type3G
Device TypeFeature Phone
Operating SystemNone
Physical Specifications
Height4.23 Inches
Thickness0.61 Inches
Weight4.00 Ounces
Phone FormSlider
Display Specifications
Display Size3.00 Inches
Touchscreen Size3.00 Inches
Audio/Video Specifications
Front Camera0.00 Megapixels
Rear Camera3.20 Megapixels
Hearing Aid CompatibilityM4
Battery Specifications
Standby Time300 Hours
Talk Time300 Minutes
Memory Specifications
Internal Memory0.10 GB
Expandable Memory0.00 GB

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good phone

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by David Schwab

The good: long battery life, full qwerty keyboard, social network widgets, 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.2mp camera, whisper modeThe bad: no camera flash, no auto-focus, hardware keys on front raised a little too much (my personal opinion)Summary: this phone is a nice multimedia phone from verizon. first off, the qwerty keyboard is very easy to use and the sliding mechanism is OK, not great. the slider is a little (idk how to describe it really) rough, and although the screen feels secure (it doesn't wobble around much) down or up, it feels a little "cheap". the touch screen is resistive and as far as i can tell, there are no settings for its sensitivity. the touch screen does work well, and has haptic feedback. i upgraded to this phone from a motorola w755 and compared to that phone, i love this one. the camera quality is good, but not great. the night shot dramatically brightens photos taken in low light and it does a good job of capturing the color in low light although you do lose some picture quality and it would be better with a flash. it doesn't have auto-focus but still does fine. there are many editing features for photos such as adding animation. it can record 640x480 resolution video at 15fps. this phone is very customizable. you have 3 home screens which you can fill with widgets such as shortcuts, facebook, and the music player. the music player is wonderful. through the speaker, the lowest volume setting is extremely quiet and the loudest setting is pretty loud. the sound quality is excellent. it does have a 3.5mm headphone jack which (in my opinion) sounds just as good as my ipod touch. i could go on more about this phone, but just take my word for it, its a nice phone with lots of features. the screen seems to go crazy when set to auto brightness, like it doesn't want to stay at one brightness level. a few other features i like are the whisper mode during a call which does exactly what it sounds like, it allows u to whisper into the phone and still have the other person hear you. i also think the motion detection (by turning the phone screen down) to silence an incoming call or snooze an alarm (i just thought this was cool thought idk if i'll ever use it). the stereo bluetooth sounds better (although the distance is shorter) than any other music device that i've used with bluetooth speakers, including my laptop, an ipod touch, and my old phone. i would definitely recommend this phone to others.

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