WES 2010

WES 2010 isn't just another symposium; it's the premier BlackBerry® event. And this year, it's all about collaboration - between BlackBerry, our best partners, loyal users and most passionate enthusiasts.

With an entirely new, forward-thinking agenda, we'll explore and explain how this community is working together to increase the value of mobility in your business, by meeting your demands, exceeding your expectations, and making just about anything possible.

WES is the place to:

  • Hear about the latest developments for the BlackBerry solution
  • See demonstrations of the BlackBerry solution at work
  • Meet BlackBerry experts who can answer questions and provide business or IT solutions
  • Train on the BlackBerry platform
  • Meet, greet and form new business relationships

Be sure to follow along as PhoneDog's Senior News Editor, Aaron Baker will provide us with all the sites and sounds of WES 2010 from Orlando.

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