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AT&T Mobile Share Value 7GB

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  • Total Monthly Price: for 1 line(s)
    $115.00 /mo
  • att-next
  • Minutes:
  • Data:
  • Messages:
  • Contract Length: 
    Monthly/No Contract
Can bring your own phone
Can check the status of wireless bill directly from the phone
Calls to other phones from the same carrier are free
Free domestic long distance
No roaming charges in the United States
Free nights and weekends

Cell Phone Plan Summary

The AT&T Mobile Share Value 7GB Plan is a no contract individual or family cell phone plan offered by AT&T that features unlimited calling, text messaging, and 7GB of data that can be shared by all the customers on the plan. The AT&T Mobile Share Plans all offer unlimited calling and text messaging, but offer various data packages between 300MB and 50GB of data. Each Mobile Share Value Plan can service up to 10 devices, including laptops and tablets. The plan does not require a contract, so the plan is cheaper, but customers must pay full price for a new phone, use their existing phone, or purchase a phone on the AT&T Next program.

AT&T also offers Rollover Data to customers of its Mobile Share Value plans. Rollover Data allows customers to use unused data in the previous month during their current month. If the data from the previous month is not used, it expires after one month.

Plan Benefits

Unlimited Calling and Texting

This offers unlimited calling and text messaging nationwide.

Unlimited Long Distance and Roaming Across the USA

This plan features unlimited long distance calling and roaming across the USA. 

Other Benefits

This plan also features:

  • Mobile hotspot, which allows customers to connect WiFi-enabled devices to their smartphone for Internet access
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Basic voice mail
  • Caller ID
  • Conference calling
Cost Breakdown in Detail Monthly Monthly Price Withatt-next
Base Plan $ 115.00 $ 90.00
Messages Cost $0.00 $0.00
Data Cost $0.00 $0.00
Grand Total $115.00 $90.00

*Other fees based on usage may apply, including early termination fees and a one time activation fee of $0.00.

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Description Cost Data Excess
$0.00/mo 7GB$15.00 per GB
Description Cost Included
Unlimited $0.00 /month Unlimited
US Rates Cost
Domestic Long Distance Rate $0.00
Roaming charges $0.00
Text messages (pay per use) $0.00
Picture/video messages (pay per use) $0.00