HTC EVO 4G surpasses Palm Pre as Sprint's launch day best seller

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 7, 2010


One year ago, Sprint launched the Palm Pre and shattered their launch day sales records with the device.  Just a few days ago, the process happened all over again.  On June 4th, Sprint launched the HTC EVO 4G, which has gone on to become the best-selling launch day device in the carrier's history.  Sprint isn't releasing exact sales numbers, but after demand for the device managed to bring Sprint's systems to a crawl and made the carrier experience  "temporary shortages of the device at some of the 22,000 sales locations across the United States," we're sure that Sprint did pretty well for themselves with the EVO launch.  Hopefully the success of the EVO will spur the development of the new 4G networks by all carriers as well as bring more powerful smartphones to the market.  As for the long-term success of the EVO, we'll have to see how both the device and Sprint's WiMAX network hold up over time.  If you weren't able to get an EVO on launch day, Sprint says that its stores are being replenished with daily deliveries, so keep calling around and you're sure to locate a device soon.  Those of you who were lucky enough to get an EVO, what do you think?

UPDATE: Boy Genius Report has received a tip from a reliable Sprint source saying that the carrier has sold well over 200,000 EVOs over the launch weekend.

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