Flash 10.1 final and available in the Android Market

Published: August 16, 2010

Flash 10.1 Android

Both Adobe and Flash have been in the news quite a bit today, and now they're making some more noise.  The Android version of Flash 10.1 is finally out of beta and available on the Android Market.  To download the app, users must have Android 2.2 installed.  If you have been running a beta build on your device, the update should be appearing on your device.  Currently, only owners of a Nexus One are able to see the app in the Market, but users of Motorola's DROID should be able to download Flash in the coming weeks.

It's great to see Flash finally hitting devices in a build that Adobe feels is ready for primetime consumption.  I'm not sure why owners of other devices running Android 2.2 aren't able to download the final version of the app, but I'm sure they'll be seeing it soon.  So, Nexus One owners, how does it feel to be the first to run the full-on, final version Flash on your phone?

Via Android Central

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