Samsung Continuum leaks, is a Galaxy S phone with two displays

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 30, 2010

Samsung Continuum Verizon

The Samsung Continuum for Verizon showed up in the carrier's inventory earlier this month, but we knew next to nothing about the handset at the time other than its name.  That all changes today, as photos of the Continuum have leaked out, and boy are they surprising.  The device, which is wearing a Galaxy S label on its rear, sports two displays on its face.  That's right, I said two.  Accompanying the main screen is a smaller, OLED display called the "Ticker."  The Ticker will reportedly turn on automatically when you grab the bottom of the phone and will show notifications, RSS updates, and possibly weather information, too.  The Continuum will also have a hot-swappable micro SD slot on its side as well as a dedicated camera button.

The Continuum is definitely a unique device, and its dual-screen design is something we haven't seen since the LG Venus.  The Ticker sounds like an awesome idea, allowing you to check notifications and other info without having to activate the main display, although I'm not sure how I feel about it turning on automatically.  Sure, it sounds handy, but it could get kind of annoying if you're just grabbing your phone to shove into a pocket or something.  The fact that it's a Galaxy S-branded phone is interesting, too, and adds credence to the possibility that the Samsung Transform on Sprint could also be a Galaxy S device.  So, what do you readers think of the Continuum?  Do you think the Ticker is a smart addition?

Samsung Continuum Verizon

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