Rumor: Original Nexus S scrapped in favor of a dual-core model

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 12, 2010

Nexus S

Yesterday we were bombarded with Nexus S leaks, concluded with an image of the real deal in the wild and as well as some specs for the device.  Today the folks at Android and Me have brought us a new rumor, saying that the original Nexus S was canned by someone "high up" in Samsung in favor of a new model that sports a dual-core processor rather than a single core like the first model.  The story reportedly goes like this: the Nexus S was supposed to be unveiled on November 8th and launched on November 11th.  After learning that testers were less than happy with the device's performance, though, someone at Samsung yanked the single-core model, which was said to basically be an overclocked Galaxy S.  Now a new, dual-core Nexus S is in testing, but it's been delayed because Android 2.3 isn't optimized for dual-core hardware.  Now Google, which supposedly finished work on Gingerbread a while ago, is back to optimize 2.3 for dual-core hardware.  Despite all of these delays, Google wants to push 2.3 out this year, and Android and Me believes that the Nexus S will still see the light of day this year with a dual-core chip and support for T-Mobile.

This whole Nexus S story is just as much suspense, mystery, and drama as a Hollywood blockbuster, and it's pretty exciting to see how it all will play out.  I have a feeling that Google is pretty eager to get Gingerbread out this year, too, especially since they want to push Honeycomb out next year and focus on Android tablets.  All of the information about Samsung wanting a dual-core processor in the Nexus S seems like it's legit, too.  After all, we expect to start seeing dual-core phones early next year, and neither Samsung nor Google would want a flagship phone like the Nexus S to become that outdated that quickly.  Still, we all need to remember that all of this info should be firmly placed in the "Rumor" category for now, so be sure that your salt shaker is nearby.  I'm sure we'll be seeing more of the Nexus S saga unfold soon, so stay tuned.

Via DroidDog, Android and Me

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