Exclusive: Best Buy freezes sales of DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 15, 2010

DROID activations restricted

Many of you are headed to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up a Nexus S, and when you get there, you might notice something strange with the Verizon section: the DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro are missing.  As you can see in the photo we just received, Verizon is restricting activations of all DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro devices, and as a result, all Best Buy stores have been told to yank their display units and inventory and quarantine them until further notice.

There's no indication as to why Verizon has blocked activations of these two DROIDs specifically, but it certainly seems like there's something going on.  After calling a few of my local Best Buys, I was given the same answer each time: they had no DROID 2 Globals or DROID Pros available and didn't know when there would be more in stock.  Verizon stores, however, had plenty of both models.  Strange, no?  We'll be sure to update you when we learn more.

UPDATE: According to tipsters speaking to Engadget, Best Buy violated an agreement with Verizon by selling the two devices for too little (D2G for $100, Pro for $50), which had an adverse effect on Verizon's sales numbers.

UPDATE 2: And the mystery continues.  Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney commented on the whole Best Buy quarantine today, saying that "how [Best Buy] manages their inventory is their business but there are no recalls on those devices."  What do you think?  Is something going on within Best Buy, or is Verizon just not 'fessing up?

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