Sprint making big changes to its Premier program on April 1st

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 20, 2011

Sprint Premier Gold and Silver

Recently Sprint announced that they'd begin charging a $10 Premium Data fee to all smartphones on January 30th, and now it's been revealed that they'll be making even more plan changes in the near future. A source speaking with BGR is claiming that beginning on April 1st, Sprint will be making some big adjustments to its Premier program that offers yearly upgrades and other perks.

Right now, anyone on an individual plan of $70 or higher or family plan of $100 or higher are eligible for the Premier perks, but beginning on April Fool's Day, those barriers will be raised. On that day, the Premier program will be split into Gold and Silver levels: Gold members will retain all of the current Premier perks, while Silver members will get all of the Premier benefits except the early upgrade option. To be eligible for the Gold level, individual customers need to be on a plan that's at least $90 per month, while family plans need to be on a plan that's at least $170 per month. Customers that have been with Sprint for at least 10 years are also Gold-eligible. All customers with $70 individual or $100 family plans will get the Silver benefits. Finally, if you're a Premier program member now, you'll have to up your plan to continue getting Gold-level benefits, as current members allegedly won't be grandfathered in.

Considering that Verizon confirmed about a week ago that they were axing all early upgrades and the New Early Two program and now Sprint is making it tough to upgrade early, it's getting pretty tough out there for customers that like to move up to the latest and greatest as soon as possible. What makes this news even more sad, though, is that current Premier customers won't be grandfathered in like is usually the case with plan changes. The only good news here, I suppose, is that the plan changes won't go into effect until April. If you're a Premier customer and want to upgrade your handset some time soon, you've still got a couple of months to make your decision. So, Sprint customers, what do you make of this change?