Windows Phone 7's "NoDo" update pushed back to March?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 10, 2011

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 made its debut here in the U.S. in early November last year, but the platform is still without its big copy/paste update that we've heard so much about. Originally the upgrade was supposed to hit in January, but then rumors pegged its debut for sometime this month. Now it sounds like the NoDo update has been pushed back again, this time until March 8th. This news comes both ZDNet and Neowin, as well as a Samsung rep that allegedly confirmed an "early March" arrival. We'll probably never know the true reason behind the update's delays, but the rumor mill places the blame on either the carriers or the manufacturers requiring Microsoft to make last minute changes to the ROMs.

While something like copy/paste doesn't really seem like a huge feature when you have it, I bet that a lot of WP7 owners are really missing the capability right now. I'm sure that they wouldn't mind all of the other rumored features, too, like the improved multitasking, support for CDMA devices, and miscellaneous bug fixes that we've heard so much about. I just hope that this means that we'll finally, finally see the HTC 7 Pro and HTC Trophy arrive on Sprint and Verizon, respectively. Us CDMA users need some WP7 love, too, Microsoft!

Via WPCentral, Neowin, ZDNet