Apple expands Australian lawsuit against Samsung to include 278 claims on 22 patents

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

There's been a lot of legal noise going on between Apple and Samsung in Germany as of late, but today we're hopping on a jet and traveling from Europe to Australia for the latest batch of news concerning the two companies. It's been revealed that Apple has expanded its legal battle against Samsung in Australia, growing its complaint to include 278 claims of patent infringement that includes 22 patents and 10 devices. Some of the products involved, like the Galaxy Tab 7.0, haven't even been released in Australia yet.

Originally Apple's suit only consisted of three patents concerned with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, so obviously this is quite an expansion. Samsung's lead barrister Neil Young SC said that his company was only recently notified of the expansion, meaning that the case may be pushed back until mid-May to give the company time to put together a defense. This isn't the only battle between Apple and Samsung in Australia, as Samsung is currently attempting to get a ban on the iPhone 4S in the country, claiming that it infringes on 3G-related patents. The legal war between Apple and Samsung is obviously still going strong, and with this latest complaint expansion from Apple, it doesn't look like it'll be over any time soon.

Via The VergeThe Australian