Sprint website offers details on iDEN tower reductions

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 6, 2012

Portland iDEN towers

Sprint has said in the past that it's planning to phase out iDEN as part of its Network Vision project, and now the carrier has put together a website for Nextel users to let them know when it plans to begin reducing iDEN towers in its various markets. Some of the reductions will be taking place as soon as this month, with work in New Orleans expected to begin in late February and continuing across the country in the coming months. For example, the number of iDEN towers will be reduced in Portland beginning in mid-April, while Miami will see some of its iDEN towers decommission in mid-June.

Sprint points out that iDEN services won't be completely shut off when it reduces the number of towers in a given area and that its CDMA coverage won't be affected by this work. The carrier has said that it plans to repurpose some of the 800MHz spectrum freed up by iDEN tower reduction in order to enhance its CDMA network, which is home to Sprint's new Direct Connect push-to-talk service. Good on Sprint for giving the iDEN faithful a heads-up on when it plans to start reducing towers in their local markets. Want to find out when the iDEN tower reduction will begin in your neck of the woods? Hit up the Sprint link below.

Via Phone Scoop, Engadget, Sprint