White Google Nexus 4 poses for a new set of clear photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 29, 2013

White Google Nexus 4 rear

It appears that the white Google Nexus 4 enjoys showing off its new paint job for the camera, as several more shots of the device have appears less than a day after we got our first peek at it. Posted to Vietnamese site Tinhte, a site that's been the source of a few accurate leaks in the past, these new photos offer up some clear looks at the entirety of the white Nexus 4. The sparkly backside is still present on the white model, just like we saw yesterday, and the white color wraps around from the backside of the unit to its sides. Like the previous white Nexus units, though, the white Nexus 4's front remains black.

Now for the bad news. While today's leak does give us a very good look at the snowy white Nexus 4, there's still no word on when or if this thing will actually be sold to the public. It's worth noting that the white Galaxy Nexus and white Nexus S models were made available for purchase, even though their releases weren't exactly what one would call "wide."

Thankfully, it looks like Google and LG may have finally gotten their Nexus 4 supply issue under control, as the black unit is still available for purchase from the Play Store and shipping in just one to two weeks nearly 24 hours after it was restocked. Here's to hoping that, now that that issue seems to be getting resolved, the two companies can focus on cranking this white model out. A couple more shots of the white Nexus 4 are below, with many more available at the Tinhte link below.

White Google Nexus 4 rear close

White Nexus 4 side and front

Via SlashGear, Tinhte

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