It's back to the basics for me

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| February 22, 2013


Just a couple of days ago I talked about how technology can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, especially when we feel the need to be so connected all the time. I have a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet – all of which do seemingly the same thing but with different environments in mind. A computer is good for settling down in a comfortable spot; tablets and smartphones are good for travel. But is there really a need to be so connected all the time?

I’ve decided to go back to the basics… sort of.

I don’t want to completely get rid of everything. My computer is essential for my job, and although a tablet is convenient to carry around it’s certainly not as convenient as a phone, which can easily slip into my pocket. With that being said I’m not as tempted to reach for my tablet as I am my phone and just start browsing whatever, so my computer and my tablet are okay for the most part. That leaves my smartphone – my beloved iPhone.

My iPhone has officially become the smartphone that I’ve used for the longest amount of time. I purchased it in February of last year because I was one of the last people in my store to not have firsthand experience with the iPhone. During my year-long journey with it I’ve been tempted to trade for several other devices, but for some reason I just keep holding on to it. Partially because money won’t really allow me to, partially because even though I hate to admit it sometimes I really dig iOS. It is a simple interface and it’s easy to get into the swing of things. However, no matter how simple it may be it’s still a smartphone and it still does a lot; too much sometimes.

So yes, I’m trading it in for a dumb phone.

While I don’t have a lot of extra money to spare, I do have some and I’ve been meaning to purchase a backup device. I have a few extra smartphones, but in case of an emergency I want to be able to have a device that will actually last several days if I need it. In fact, I’m now trapped inside of my house because of a blizzard that rolled by and while I like to joke that I live in a house with no windows or doors, it really feels that way now living on the ground floor with many inches of snow blocking my way out and my view. This blizzard was declared a State of Emergency for my area, and I’m fortunate to have only experienced minor power flickers; had my power actually gone out, I would have been up a creek without a paddle come the end of the day when my battery went caput.

I could sit here and think of all the things I won’t be able to do once I start this little experiment of mine, but instead I’m going to look at the bright side of things. First and foremost, if I can make it for an entire month on my new flip phone I’ll be saving $10/mo. Sprint charges $10 for “Premium Data” (that’s fancy-speak for internet that actually does something productive) and it only applies to smartphones. Saving money is always a good deal, even if it just $10.

Not only will I be saving money but my phone will be at a considerably lower risk for getting stolen. iPhones get stolen all the time, mostly because of their high value no matter what condition it’s in. All people have to see is that little Apple logo on the back and you can probably find somewhere that will take it off your hands for a pretty penny. But a flip phone? Bump that noise, you can keep that. In fact, here’s some money to buy yourself something nicer, okay? Stop being an embarrassment to society, this is 2013. Profit!

I’ve already placed my order for my new main squeeze. I decided not to get something I already had, but I did want to get something familiar so I opted to get the Sanyo Katana LX (Black). It’s expected to arrive sometime between March 4 and March 7, so that part is already done and done. The goal was initially to use the device for a week without switching back, but I think I’m going to push it farther and make it last an entire month – you know, get my $10 off of the all the premium data I won’t be using. I’m kind of excited for this, and hopefully I’ll gain more insight than misery from this experiment of mine.

Readers, have you ever chosen to go back to a simpler phone? What was your experience like? Let me know your thoughts!