Latest comScore U.S. market share report shows Apple and Samsung growing while others shrink

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 30, 2013

comScore U.S. smartphone market share top OEMs May 2013

Is there a better way to spend the weekend than poring over a fresh report on the U.S. smartphone market? I'm not sure, but we're about to find out together! comScore recently released its latest report on U.S. smartphone subscriber share, which covers the three-month period from February 2013 to May 2013. The standings themselves haven't changed much since we last checked in with comScore, but the numbers themselves have, so let's see what's different.

On the smartphone manufacturer side of things, Apple is once again king of the hill with a 39.2 percent share of all U.S. smartphone subscribers. That figure grew 0.3 percent during comScore's survey period. Samsung saw a much larger growth during the same timeframe, gaining 1.7 percent to finish May with a 23 percent share of U.S. smartphone owners. The numbers drop off from there, with HTC claiming an 8.7 percent share, Motorola earning 7.8 percent and LG taking home a share of 6.7 percent.

Moving on to the platforms themselves, Android has found itself wearing the smartphone crown again, growing 0.7 percent during the survey period to finish with a 52.4 percent share of all U.S. smartphone owners. Apple's iOS is holding steady in second place with a 39.2 percent share, gaining 0.3 percent from February to May. Then we hit another drop. BlackBerry fell 0.6 points to finish May with a 4.8 percent share, Microsoft ended up with a 3.0 percent share and Symbian dropped 0.1 points to complete May with a 0.4 percent share of all U.S. smartphone subscribers.

There's nothing terribly surprising about these numbers, as we've watched iOS, Android, Apple and Samsung dominate their respective categories or a while now. One interesting thing to note is that the BlackBerry Z10 went on sale at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon during the three-month period that this survey took place. Unfortunately for Thorsten and Co., the new BlackBerry 10 hardware doesn't appear to have helped it in comScore's survey. It'll be interesting to see if BlackBerry's luck will change in the next couple of reports, which will factor in the U.S. launches of the BlackBerry Q10 as well. Which categories of this comScore survey do you fit into?

comScore U.S. smartphone market share top platforms May 2013

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