Google and LG said to be prepping Android smartwatch for June debut

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 23, 2014

Google Android figure

There's been quite a bit of focus on smartwatches and other wearables in the mobile world lately, as nearly every company in the game seems to either already have such a device on the market or is rumored to be launching one soon. However, one smartwatch that we haven't heard much about in a while is Google's. The good news is that that's changing today thanks to two reports that claim to have more information on The Big G's upcoming wristwear.

Sources speaking to CNET and The Wall Street Journal claim that Google is teaming up with LG on a new Android-powered smartwatch. Details on the hardware and software of the device are pretty light, but it's said that the watch will place a heavy focus on Google Now and its search functionality. Google is reportedly planning to offer details on its smartwatch operating system in March, followed by an introduction of the LG-made hardware at Google I/O in June.

Even though there's not much known about Google's upcoming smartwatch at this moment, the fact that it's coming from El Goog and is expected to be given a Nexus-like launch that's controlled by Google means that it has become one of the more highly-anticipated devices that are kicking around the rumor mill. It'll definitely be interesting to see what kind of a smartwatch that Google and LG can churn out, not only because it's an Android-powered watch coming from Google, but also because we've yet to see a smartwatch offering from LG. Good thing that Google is expected to give us a taste of its smartwatch plans next month to tide us over until the hardware's debut in June.

What do you make of the information revealed in today's leaks? Are you looking forward to the arrival of Google's smartwatch or is there another wearable that you're more interested in?

Via CNET, The Wall Street Journal