Sprint to get its own iPad that's "completely separate" from the current CDMA model?

Published: September 14, 2011

Apple iPad 2

Yesterday a report came out claiming that a Sprint-friendly iPad is on the horizon, but the rumor was a bit thin on information. Today the Sprint iPad noise has gotten a bit more detailed, though, courtesy of a report from 9to5 Mac that claims that the device is indeed real and ready to go. The site alleges that the Sprint version of the iPad is "completely separate" from Verizon's CDMA-enabled iPad, although it's not yet clear if that means that it'll sport WiMAX connectivity. As far as a launch goes, 9to5 Mac doesn't have any specific release info outside of a claim that it'll come before the holiday season, but the device could arrive at the same time as the Sprint iPhone or shortly thereafter.

Speaking of the iPhone, it's worth mentioning quickly that 9to5 Mac's source believes that the iPhone 5 is still on track to launch on October 7th. As usual, though, it's always possible that that date could end up changing.

With all of the reports that a Sprint iPhone is coming soon, it's not a surprise to hear that Apple is also prepping a version of the iPad for use on the Now Network as well. What would be interesting is Sprint's version supported the carrier's WiMAX network, especially considering the possibility that Sprint may soon adopt LTE. Sprint has scheduled a "Strategy Update" event for October 7th and 4G is rumored to be the topic of discussion, but the shindig also happens to coincide with the iPhone's (and maybe iPad's) possible launch date. Obviously there's still a lot up in the air here, but the last few months of 2011 are shaping up to be pretty interesting for Sprint and its customers.

Via 9to5 Mac

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