Sprint Strategy Update invite

Clear your schedules for early October, Sprint users, because your carrier just sent out invites to a "Strategy Update" event to be held on October 7th. The event is scheduled to take place from 9:30 AM-1:00PM ET. There's no mention of exactly what Sprint is planning for the event, but the invite does say that there will be presentations from Sprint senior management.

So what might Sprint's "Strategy Update" be about? The topic of 4G seems the likeliest candidate for discussion. Not only did Sprint CEO Dan Hesse recently say that his carrier would be making a major 4G announcement this fall, the Now Network also signed an LTE-related deal with LightSquared last month and is rumored to be in talks concerning a purchase of Clearwire, which has said that it plans to roll out LTE coverage of its own.

Of course, the date of this event also lines up nicely with the rumored early October launch of the iPhone 5, which Sprint may finally be getting this year. It seems doubtful that Sprint would schedule a "Strategy Update" event just for the iPhone — if it does end up getting the device, that is — but the carrier may touch a bit on Apple's new smartphone at the gathering. Whatever Sprint has up its sleeve, you can be sure we'll be bringing you the news from the event as we get it. Until then, go ahead and drop your own opinions on what this whole "Strategy Update" is about in the comments. If you end up being right, you could try to use it as evidence to show that you can read the future! Just saying.


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"What will Sprint announce at its "Strategy Update" event?"

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Buyan Li Beat Verizon!
Mike Jaros Haha all verizon customers want data caps or outrageous charges for unlimited because that is what crappy vzw offers, hagers gonna hate.
Equaknox Knox @Matt...gotta co-sighn that one...internet all a buzz with that info
Ricky Marin Optimus s update on september 21th I asked lg to tell me
Jason Russ Full wimax for all of there current protection cities and possible lte
Jason Weaver Sprint has little choice but to go LTE. WIMAX has spotty coverage and is slower and inconsistent.
Cody Shawn Sullivan Sucking Steve jobs dick
Marleny Reyes Awai iPhone 5 and data cap because iPhone 5.......
Cesario Brito Jr. I hope Sprint gets the Nexus Prime
Matt Curtis According to a report issued today by the Wall Street Journal, Sprint will join AT&T and Verizon in offering iPhone handsets starting this fall with the launch of Appleā€™s next-generation iPhone 5 handset. found this hope they dont cap data tho but thats what theyve been advertising as y ther better than every1 else unlimited data but idk would b kool if they got the iphone
Chris Calvin Hendricks Nexus prime lte iPhone 5 and unlimited data
Hubby N Sunshine Don't know but follow up with me so I can know.
JesusNveronica Flores Cuz they feel like it....
Equaknox Knox And why in the hell wuld sprint go LTE...c'mon....
Equaknox Knox I have it on good sources..sprint will be rollin out iphonie 5555555......heheheheh....probably with there unlimited data...best to go with sprint....Yeah Man..
Jason Torchy They will discus network vision and there plans for LTE advance with clear wire. That and probably introduce the iphone 5.
Christopher Lewis Buy out all the pi$$ed off tmobile customers from their contracts and give them all brand spankin new EVOs :)
Matt Antonucci please... optimus s gingerbread!
King Josef I have been with sprint since 2003 and been through majority of their ups and downs overall sprint has came a long way being the number 3 carrier and now in 2011 they had 1 of the best years in a long time they have more 4 g device than any of the carrier in america although there internet speeds are not that lightning fast ... this brings me to conclude that this conference will be about the new lte 4g.... iphone 5 & how they will be the only carrier to have no cap on the internet throttle
Jaevz Chavez Idiots they r rolling out lte . Signed a deal with lightsquared.
Gary Brown No more feature phones. All smartphones .
Hans Jaramillo Tiered data. ;)
Jerimiah Reece A new $40/month limited Unlimited Data Plan for Android devices.
Cartez Cartizzle Sheppard No more pay $10 for 4g when it not available in all areas. Lol yet right
JesusNveronica Flores Iphone 5 ,and Nexus prime,and better 4g , LTE upgrade sounds good
Axel Ruiz Finally good service.
Chris Taylor Getting sued by Apple because they have the best Android phones
Bryan Dotman They won't data cap, I don't think Sprint would sellout since they're so proud.
Phillip McGriff LTE NETWORK
Rasik Aryal Lte, iphone 5
Erica Reid @Ricardo i wouldn't be surprised. Apple is suing so many people. I am half expecting a summons to court since I own the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Samsung Galaxy Wifi tablet.
Brandon Salyer Ducky was appropriate. The duck when they see an existing customer coming.
Ore Zamora because of their crappy service, no extra charge for going 4g!!
Erica Reid *sucky damn auto crap!
Ore Zamora Dammit, I want the Epic Touch so bad, and now I have to wait for this announcement.
Ricardo Lopez getting sued by apple
Jamel Pegues It's going to be about better 4g and lte upgrade and iphone 5
Erica Reid Less ducky customer service reps?
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly Something stupid.
Jay Cushmeer Yeah no @Jorge they are having massive data problems I highly doubt it has anything to do with adding anymore.
Jon Recinos LTE obviously.
Jamey Charapp LTE advanced with speeds that will make Verizon's network seem like the good old days of dial up..... :)
David Olivarez Gettin bought by cricket.....haha
Christian Carlos Falu FREE WIFI HOTSPOT!? =3
Cristian Tomasito kyocera echo 2
Silver Ochoa Capping data and increase the $10 dollar charge
Jorge Hugo Galindo Wow none of yall have no idea. More than likely they will discuss network improvements and the new LTE or Wimax upgrade
Dillon Sappingfield Getting purchased by google
Adam Schulte Data capping is what's gonna happen!
Keith Ainsley That they are being bought out from someone that can offer better service?
Andres Pereda i hope its about the Nexus Prime
Zach Cline Data caps lol.
Jamil Oquendo Getting purchased by Verizon lol.
Sam Bahhur Iphone 5
Jay Cushmeer haha they are capping data, and doing some other things...

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