LG Smart Keyboard to receive 'significant update' with new suggestion features and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 10, 2014

LG G3 smart keyboard

When LG introduced the G3, one of the features that it highlighted was its Smart Keyboard, which allows for height adjustment and also analyzes how the user types and adapts to allow for faster typing and fewer mistakes. Now LG says that it’s going to make Smart Keyboard even better with a “significant update.”

LG plans to update the Smart Keyboard to include a host of new suggestion features for things like emojis, app-based text tones, next words and bilingual words. The full list of improvements coming to the Smart Keyboard is as follows:

  • Emoji Suggestion recommends the most appropriate emoticon to represent a specific word, giving users more ways to express themselves. For instance, typing “love” will result in the Smart Keyboard recommending the heart symbol from its Emoji database.
  • Application-based Text Tone Suggestion learns from users’ typing habits and suggests the most commonly used words depending on the application. For example, if the user frequently starts emails with “Dear,” then this is the word that will likely be recommended next time. But if the owner normally starts text messages with a “Hi,” then that is what will be recommended the next time the user opens the messenger app. Priority levels of suggested words and expressions are dependent on how often the words are used on each specific application.
  • Next Word Suggestion uses contextual analysis and studies the user’s style over time to suggest the next word or symbol, making the typing experience faster and much more convenient.
  • Bilingual Word Suggestion automatically detects and changes to the correct language without requiring the user to manually switch languages. Smart Keyboard is intelligent enough to know what language the owner is attempting to type.
  • Real-time Path Input lets users enter text by fluidly tracing their finger in one continuous motion across the keyboard. Smart Keyboard will display recommended words in real time as the word is being traced. LG’s Smart Keyboard displays the suggestions in real time, as the words are being traced.

This sounds like a pretty spiffy update for LG G3 owners. It’s always good to see manufacturers issuing updates to their devices and making them better, and this Smart Keyboard update seems like it’ll significantly speed up typing on the Smart Keyboard.

LG says that this Smart Keyboard update will start rolling out this month, with exact availability varying by carrier. Those of you that don’t own a G3 but want to see what the Smart Keyboard is all about should check out the video below.

Via LG Newsroom