Verizon's new More Everything plans official, include more data and Edge discounts

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 13, 2014

Verizon More Everything plans

After a quick tease yesterday afternoon, Verizon today officially unveiled its new More Everything rate plans. As you might've inferred from the name and Verizon's excessive capitalization, the theme of these new offerings is "more," including more data and network bandwidth. 

The first part of Verizon's More Everything campaign revolves around its shared data plans. These include upgraded versions of the Share Everything plans that it launched last year. Like those offerings, all of the More Everything plans include unlimited talk and text, and then the consumer decides how much shareable data he or she wants.

The smallest More Everything data bucket available offers 250MB for $15 per month. As part of its More Everything move, Verizon has doubled the amount of data included in some of its smaller buckets: The old 500MB plan now offers 1GB for $40 per month, the 1GB plan now includes 2GB for $50 and the original 2GB plan is now 3GB for $60.

Verizon also offers a 700 minute More Everything plan with no data, but that option is only compatible with basic phones. An unlimited text add-on is available for $5 per month, per line.

Once a customer selects a More Everything plan, he or she can begin adding devices to it. Smartphones carry a monthly access fee of $40, though that price can be reduced if the customer is enrolled in Verizon's Edge early upgrade program. When signed up for Edge, the smartphone monthly access fee is reduced by $10 on plans with 250MB to 8GB of data, while customers on plans with 10GB of data or more will receive a discount of $20 per line. Access fees for other devices include $30 for basic phones, $10 for tablets and $20 for Jetpack mobile hotspots.

In addition to these updated More Everything plans, Verizon says that it's increased the amount of cloud storage that's included with its shared offerings. Previously customers were given 5GB of free cloud storage, but today that allotment has been bumped up to 25GB. Additionally, Verizon says that it's More Everything plans now include unlimited international messaging.

One other part of Verizon's More Everything campaign relates to the big red carrier's network. Verizon says that it has doubled, and in some cases tripled, the bandwidth of its network "in cities coast to coast" by using its AWS spectrum. However, the carrier doesn't say exactly which markets have been upgraded.

Verizon's More Everything campaign is just the latest in a string of plan-related changes and price cuts that we've seen lately, including AT&T's recently-revised Mobile Share Value plans. The new More Everything plans from Verizon seem good for existing customers, especially since many folks will likely be getting more data at no additional charge, and the tweaks could be enough to convince Verizon subscribers that are tempted to jump to another carrier to stick around instead. That said, I'm not sure that they're enough to get many non-Verizon subscribers to switch from their current operator.

Verizon says that its More Everything plans are available to new customers starting today. Existing subscribers on Share Everything plans will automatically be moved to the More Everything equivalent today as well. If you'd like to learn more about Verizon's More Everything plans, you can find a page dedicated to the new offerings here and an FAQ right here.

Via Verizon Wireless