Go Unlimited for $99?

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| February 19, 2008

It all started with Helio's announcement of a $99 unlimited plan and now somewhat surprisingly all of the major carriers have begun to offer similar plans albeit not as inclusive, but it's a start. T-Mobile being the latest to join the unlimited calling rates war has decided to up the ante amongst the national carries by including text messaging as part of their $99 package. Verizon's $99 plan does not include text messaging, but for another $40 you can step up to the Premium package that includes everything?not a bad deal huh?

Sprint's ?unlimited access pack? for $119.00 is a good value, but it's only being offered in select markets - San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. So for the rest of us we will have to wait and see if the rumored $60 unlimited calling plan turns out to be true.

Stay tuned.....