Business class: T-Mobile launches BlackBerry 8820 with WiFi and GPS

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: March 23, 2008

T-Mobile unveiled another HotSpot device today in the RIM BlackBerry 8820.  The 8820 looks much like the BlackBerry 8800, which has been available from T-Mob for awhile now, but this latest smartphone adds integrated GPS and WiFI with HotSpot (UMA) compatibility.  The 8820 is, in many ways, an alternative to the Curve for business users who can't carry a cameraphone for corporate security reasons.

The 8820 packs a 802.11b/g WiFi antenna specially configured for T-Mob's VoIP HotSpot network, and also features trackball navigation, microSD memory expansion, and myFaves support.  I've used both the 8800 and the Curve on T-Mobile, and while the Curve adds a few more consumer-centric features, the 8800 is a slim, solid workhorse of a phone with great Email on the go support.  There's no reason to think this new 8820 should be anything less than excellent.  Look for it now in T-Mobile stores or online.