What's the Best Phone: Dare vs Voyager vs iPhone

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: July 15, 2008

yfz450lrd from YouTube asks:

Would you say the dare is better than the iphone and the voyager?

Thanks for your time, your reviews are awesome!

Noah answers:

Thanks for the email and the kind words - glad you like the reviews.

I'm going to do a review comparing Dare to iPhone and Voyager.  It's hard to say which is "better" - it comes down to personal preferences and network coverage.  Dare and Voyager run on Verizon which in many (not all) areas has better voice and data coverage than AT&T.  In my house, for instance, Verizon phones get solid EV-DO high speed data coverage but I can't get a good 3G signal on iPhone via AT&T. 

Beyond that, I think Dare is a great phone, and I personally own and use an iPhone so obviously I like it, too.  Dare has a great camera and is nice and compact, while iPhone has the best screen and Web browser available on any phone out there.  Voyager is a bit bigger and thicker but has a ton of features and a real QWERTY board that's easier to type on than the other two. 

Personally my pick is iPhone, but that's in part because I can use it unlocked with T-Mobile's cheap Internet plan.  You could make a good case for either of the other two as well.  If you text a lot, I'd say go with Voyager.  If you want a great multimedia phone with the best camera, Dare's the obvious choice.  If you want the most fun user experience and want to be able to add the most applications to it in the future - or if you want the best one for Web browsing - I'd say iPhone.

I hope that helps some - they're all great devices and it's honestly a matter of personal preference.  There are rumors about a Voyager "refresh" within the next several months - not sure if this would mean a software update or some changes to the actual hardware, but keep an eye out for it!