Dude it's a Deal: Nokia E75 for $250

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 11, 2009


Whatever bad things I sometimes (okay, often times lately) have to say about Symbian S60, it's still one of the world's most popular smartphone platforms. Maybe even the most popular - but who's counting? And whatever bad things I sometimes say about Nokia's recent flagship phones (cough, cough, N97), they still do turn out some juicy kit on occasion. Like the E75 and it's super awesomely big QWERTY board.

If you dig the feel of S60 and like the look of the E75 (in Black only), then today's your lucky day: Dell Home is selling 'em for a mere $250 each, with free shipping. Yup, $250 for an unlocked, contract-free E75, complete with North American 3G banding. Dude, it's a deal! That's like a whole hundred dollars less than T-Mobile wants for the Touch Pro2 with a two-year contract!

The price initially shows as $369.99, so be sure to use coupon code "91B?79FVS4HT2$" to get the sale price and free shipping.

Shop now at Dell Home (via DealNews)

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