An iPad sleeve ? with wings! (for real)

| February 25, 2010

Talk about taking the iPad name a little too far: The new iMaxi tablet sleeve was designed with... um... protection in mind. For any ladies in the reading audience, if this looks familiar to you, then you've just gotten the whole point of this accessory. The item was designed by Hip Handmaids and sells through Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods. (Am I missing something? When did feminine products become hip?)

It features a vinyl outer, Velcro closure, quilted cotton interior and, yes, wings for a snug fit. The funniest part is this line from the seller's page: "It shields your iPad from all those unsightly data leaks that would make any motherboard worry!" No wait, let me retract that; this is actually the funniest (grossest?) part: The iMaxi comes in white, or white with red interior. (eww!)

This kooky product might actually stand a chance of being a success, if only as a gag gift to poke fun at iPad lovers. The only thing stopping it is the price. ($40 is a little steep just to crack a joke, no?)

Be warned: If you are (a) getting an iPad, and (b) have any iPhone/Apple bashers in your life with deep pockets, then (c) don't be surprised if this thing winds up on your doorstep.

Via: iPhoneSavior, Etsy

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