LeakSauce: Is this the HTC Sprint Supersonic WiMax Android phone?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| March 8, 2010

You know what baffles me? What baffles me is how someone could be tech-savvy enough to score a super hot, unreleased gadget and know it's worth risking their job/friends/kneecaps to post video of it online for the rest of us nerds to drool over ... and yet not be tech-savvy enough to take a half decent video of the thing.

Seriously, what is it with Mr. Blurrycam? Someone explain it to me.

That said, here's a video of what the (can't shoot a decent video for his/her life) poster claims to be the subject of much white hot rumorsauce adoration right now: The HTC Supersonic, a supposedly awesome, supposedly running Android, supposedly dual-mode CDMA/WiMax cell phone supposedly being prepped for launch on the Sprint sometime real soon. Like maybe at CTIA in two weeks?

I'm posting this video out of duty and loyalty to you, fair readers, but I'm not happy about it. Dude can't even shoot an in-focus 45 second clip? Grrr.

Thanks, @MOE_GUNZ for the tip-off.