Netflix coming to iPhone this summer, works over 3G and Wi-Fi

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 7, 2010

Netflix on iPhone

Easily one of the most popular apps available on the iPad, the Netflix application is now headed for the iPhone.  Launching this summer for the low price of free, the Netflix app will allow to control your queue and watch content directly on your iPhone over 3G or Wi-Fi.  The app is apparently optimized to switch between 3G and Wi-Fi streaming and will allow you continue watching content from where you left off like with other Netflix players.  This is huge for Netflix users who own an iPhone, especially considering that the application allows streaming over 3G.  The fact that it can stream over 3G comes as a huge surprise considering that AT&T only recently allowed Skype calls over 3G and the fact that streaming movies is probably a little more network-intensive than making a Skype call.  Once the app is released in the vague time frame of "this summer," we'll see how well the optimization for 3G streaming works.  With AT&T's new data plans, if you plan to use Netflix a lot you'd better be near a Wi-Fi connection, have the grandfathered unlimited data plan, or pay close attention to how much bandwidth you're using.  Nevertheless, this was a good move by AT&T, Apple, and Netflix, and should definitely be a big draw for customers who want an iPhone but aren't quite ready to buy an iPad. 

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