Some iPhone 4s experiencing proximity sensor issues

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 29, 2010

iPhone sensors

The iPhone 4 launch has been plagued with issues, and now we can add another problem to the list.  Many users over at the Apple Discussions forums are complaining of issues with the new iPhone's proximity sensor.  They say that the sensor works correctly when covered by a finger but problems arise when it's placed up to a user's face.  Reportedly, the iPhone will randomly turn on the speakerphone, mute the caller, send texts, or try to dial other numbers because of the malfunctioning proximity sensor.  One user took their device to an Apple store where a Genius was able to replicate the problem and said that it was "probably a software issue."

While I've said in the past that device launches rarely go off without a hitch, all of these reported issues with the iPhone 4 are starting to get a little ridiculous (if they're all true).  It sounds like some users are having success by going into the phone's settings and resetting the proximity sensor, so that's worth a shot if you're having problems.  If this is indeed a software issue, hopefully Apple can include a fix in the rumored upcoming iOS 4.01.  Are any of you iPhone 4 owners experiencing trouble with the proximity sensor?

Via AppleInsider

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