Google announces Voice Actions for Android

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 12, 2010

Google Voice Actions

Google's big mobile event scheduled for today is finally underway, and they've already unveiled one of their major new features.  Called Google Voice Actions, it's similar to the Voice Control available on the iPhone but more expansive.  The new API will allow users to send messages to a contact, make a phone call, go to a website, or speak addresses or locations all using only their voice.  My favorite is the ability to dictate a note simply by saying "Note to self."  Voice Actions requires Android 2.2 and will be available on the Android Market.  It'll also come preinstalled on new DROID 2 handsets.  Check out Voice Actions in use in the video below.

Voice Actions looks like a great new feature, and its great to see Google continue to bring new, amazing features to Android handsets.  The fact that you can search the web, listen to music, create Pandora stations, and so much more using only a voice command is pretty awesome.  It's kind of disappointing that you'll need Froyo to take advantage of the new voice control, especially considering Froyo is only on a handful of devices so far.  I suppose now you've got another reason to snag a shiny new DROID 2, huh?

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