Apple's products have a history of drawing rather large crowds to stores on launch day. Some people take off work a week or more in advance and head to the concrete jungle to set up camp outside their local Apple or carrier store. Gone are the days that people arrive early just to be the first to get their hands on the latest and greatest Apple product.

Amanda Foote, a college student living in New York, headed to Apple's flagship store on Wednesday and got in line at 5 PM. That's only two days ahead of time, which is a short wait in comparison to other releases. Foote's intent wasn't to be first in line to buy an iPad 2, but to sell her spot in line. Turns outs, her plan worked quite well. She will be walking away $900 richer (minus the cost of the new iPad 2, of course).

According to Mashable, Craigslist is “littered with offers” that range from $100 to $999 for someone to stand in line as a surrogate or spots in line that are for sale. This also happened at the iPhone 4's launch back in June of 2010, where the going rate for spots in line was up to $1,200. Mind-blowing, isn't it?

Not only do people sell their spots in line or show up days ahead of time, they fly in from all over the world. Mashable's report tells that people have flown in from Brazil and Belgium to join Miss Foote in line at the New York location. So what is it about Apple products that draw such a following?

Being an iOS user for nearly a year now, I can say that the platform has some key benefits over its competitors. For instance, ease of use, the fluidity and stability of the software, and the ecosystem that comes with Apple's other products. Add this in with the great build quality, longevity, and an endless supply of useless applications, and it's pretty clear why many people love their Apple products. None of this, however, would drive me to wait in the hectic lines or pay – more than the device itself is worth – for a closer spot.

I never would have expected this much hype after the iPad 2 announcement either (stupid of me, I know). Shipping with the same display resolution, same capacities (16GB, 32GB, 64GB), and presumably the same amount of RAM, the second iPad comes as a slight disappointment, especially in light of all of the other tablets headed our way. The only real improvements Apple has made to their popular tablet comes in thickness, weight, a pair of lackluster cameras, and processing power. These will soon be followed by an OS update to add a little icing to the cake.

While there are certainly a large number of fanatics out there that claim themselves part of the "cult," it is safe to say that people lining up for Apple's products is no longer just about the devices. People now line up to make money and many of them say it is for the “adventure,” too. They get to meet new people and “rough it” on the sidewalks for a couple days.

Luckily for those not looking for an adventure or wanting to dress up in battle armor, you can go ahead and order your iPad 2 online and you can expect it on your doorstep in two to three weeks.

Image via The Carribean Weblog

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"What is with all of the hype and hysteria surrounding Apple products?"

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Kenny Jackson Apple is the best at marketing, and their devices are pretty. That's all that most people need. Their prices relegate them to a small niche, though, see Mac OS X. I'm guessing iOS will soon be pushed there too, though the iPod Classic, Shuffle, and Nano will probably stay alive due to their price/size advantage over Android PMPs.
Tony Dear III It doesn't even matter buy it if you like it or don't if you don't like it. Apple makes a lit of good advertisement and so does google in the end it's up to you
David Feild They should change their slogan to "Apple...Come take a byte"
David Feild Brainwash...Corporate Sludge Brainwashing people so they don't focus on the real issues at hand, does apple give any of that money to aids research or a cure for cancer, hell no they don't, just as greedy as the next corporate pig, and they get away with it by trying to make their label and brand look as humble as possible...Apple is the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden that's why it has a bite out of it!!!
Teron Facey Tomeczek took the words right out of my mouth. I bet they actually slept on the streets in their tents. Or maybe they just do it so they cant make more money on eBay.
Christina Elena Amaya I think we all get exited about something and this is their thing...things that make life fun and distract us...or fill the empty spaces in our lives...just like facebook or technews :-)
Tom Lis I don't gget why anyone would stand in line for one when the devices are going to be continously available.
David Hilgendorf They could release the same phone as the iphone 4 and say it's a iphone 5 and they will still flock to buy it. Oh wait isn't that a ipod, oh wait isn't that a ipad. Oh wait WOW your just so cool.... losers
Tony Ward To be honest I was one of those people who tried to get the 3gs first when it came out and yes it was a revolutionary device when it was launched but as more demand by the consumer to push companys to bring out better tech, I feel that the iPhone has been left behind. The only thing that I'd keeping apples iPhone afloat is its app store, with the massive popularity of android and its fantastic hardware and the massive choice of devices its on, maybe apples marketing teams are going to get there work increased just to keep the iPhone afloat, all it will take is one more iPhone scandal and apple will not recover, as for tech, the iPhone 5 will have to have some new future proof technology that they have invented just to keep them popular for at least a year, I don't think they have and this will cripple apple in more ways than they think. Now there is the app store to save them, maybe not as the android market is catching up very quickly and soon will overtake, then you have Microsoft (winmo) and nokia (symbian) who if both join there application base together will push the new windows phone 7 os to the top of all the app markets, this will almost kill apple in the mobile industry both on application base and better technology, I can't wait to see what happens in the next year or so and a bit of advice, don't buy shares in apple this year lol.
John Edwards Status, kind of like the "first to post" syndrome, and popularity. People who are defined by their posessions are Apple's target market. That is why the same people buy whatever they sell, over and over... the folks who just want a good product from apple get it on their own schedule.
Jon Greifenhagen Wow, some of these people saying androids freeze and run slow...what are you using? Had icrap 1-3 and all of them froze at times and nowhere near as fast as my Mt4g.
TC King "I'll buy just about anything if its shiney and made by apple!"
Steven Crisostomo sheep indeed
Don Horan Sheep
Corey Artis When you have the advertising budget apple has plus the media doing their due diligence (and when I say that I mean lack thereof) it doesn't matter. Popular = better in this country. I speak from experience. I have only bought 3 apple products and only because at the time there weren't any good alternatives. Apple does a great job of creating markets, but they never improve on them. I'll bet you the iphone 5 will be worse than a high midrange android device released at the same time.
George Espinosa I don't stand in line for anything! I wait and try to get it at a affordable price. I like Apple products from computers to iphone but nothing is worth standing in line. I'd rather be at the park with my daughter and having a great time.
Marcus NinersEmpire Apple is coming out wit an ipen lol gonna have a touch screen on it o snaps lol Apple is weak sauce
Chris Taylor Because the idiots who buy Apple products don't look at anything else, and are too full of themselves to realize that there may be more superior products out there, which there are.
Andy Carlson Went from iPhone to nexus one back to iPhone. Why? because everything works when it's supposed to. My nexus one crashed all the time. Got sick of that. Never have had a problem with my iPhone plus the battery lasts more than 8 hours. I do however miss swype. But I'm over it. Jailbroken iPhone 4 ftw.
Anthony Peña If people would look at Apples pattern then wouldn't buy any of Apples "prototypes" when they always bring out the "real product" a year later.
Christian Crow It will have a new mobile me service that will leave all the others looking like a pile of crap
Nick Kathrein You should manually add all your contacts into google mail. You do this once and never again have to worry about your contacts even if you loose your phone.
Kevin Koshy Way too much hate towards apple. Has anyone even considered that people love apple products because they deliver a lot of features that deliver quality and have synchronized media through iTunes? Seriously
Terence E. Abiama Easy. People are stupid, or mind control
Anh-Tuan Le It's the Justin Beiber effect.
Robert Smith Apples appeal is simple, the majority of user's can't operate an electronic device that is not pretty and simple to navigate. Apple iOS is so simple a monkey can use it, so for that reason alone Apple products are popular. The average user needs something simple before they need better hardware because in the end they have no clue what better hardware can offer them. So Apple puts out 2 "new' products each year,rapes people with the price to only have it obsolete in the next 6 months.
Jon Jerico Calanio It's sad that people get more interested in the iPad when in my experience between it and the Xoom, the Xoom is far superior in terms of functionality. Scrollable widgets, more robust homescreen interface, real multitasking. Hell, benchmarks prove it to be faster than any other device available.
Dee Nazario It's perfect for those who are too shallow to figure out how to work an android or a blackberry and the ones who click the pop-ups when looking at porn and frequently get a virus. So basically, yeah dumb people usually go for apple (not saying every one of you sheeps are dumb though).
Jon Jerico Calanio Bwahahaha, I saw a couple of folks who already lined up outside Best Buy for an iPad 2 launch. This is like real sheep eagerly waiting to be sheared.
Ever Alexander Iraheta Cloned sheeps...
Matt Bailey People will always like the white cabled products but there over priced and under featured
Rita Fay Carter don't know but I'm 50 people away from getting iPad 2
Jon Jerico Calanio Inb4shitstorm
Jon Jerico Calanio > Implying Apple has the best of everything Apple's offerings are of great quality, no doubt. But far from the best in everything. It does win over in "user experience," but hardware performance is just as important.
Clinton Lessington Green yall apple fans buy new devices every year when they should make it the right way . But they add a cam or bigger screen n hall go spend more money . It hasn't been a year n they have a iPad 2 . U faithful customers r SUCKAAAASSSSSS
Tim Miyashiro >implying Apple sucks They make the best products, period. Shut the fuck up already
Jon Jerico Calanio - Very effective advertisement and press coverage - Brand name and status symbol - Immense user fan base - Simplistic and easy to use products - It's Apple. Don't ever question Steve.
David Hilgendorf Brainwashed.... Flashy things are pretty.... Simple for morons to use.... We know how many of those try to use android but can't figure out why a widget doesn't open. Majority of them are spoiled braty kids who throw tantrums if they don't get what there friends have lol.... I've used a friends for a bit to see what all the hype is and I found it to simple and not sure why ppl say android phones are slow or laggy cause I have not experienced it once with my current and past 3 devices. Looking forward to my next powerful android. Android is on top and keeps growing... duh, winning
Dave Keller Apple has great marketing, they have been able to pitch their devices and products as elitist..
Justin Young Ok, stop talking about Apple fan boys because there's also Android, windows, blackberry, etc... fan boys. You one of them so shut it.
Andre Hibbert Not to sound teachy but there r 2 reasons. 1)like a few ppl said "people r sheep", we like to gather over spectacle. 2)I've been a windows man for a long time but with the intro of intel and growing app base I'm currently converting myself. Add that to the fact they hold serious status for the aesthetics fans and the answer's obvious
Jorge Hugo Galindo HELL NO! its not worth waiting days in line. I can wait a week or 2 don't really see what's the hurry on getting a iPad.
Manny LaughsAlot they r the new kids on the block..everyone wants one even if they suck and u cant uprade their computers nor insure thier phones...
Joel Gomez Apple fanboys just got to do anything to get their hands first on an apple product. A new form of addiction...
Mark Gittens People r sheep! U have fanoboys and fangirls. Apple just looks sexy but when u break it down there are products that do what they do and do it better. I mean tha ipad doesn't even have flash! Cmon but people still hype it up like its the best on the market
Christian Crow They make a simple product that makes since and doesn't slow your life down. I tried to work a android smart phone but it's just not as fast as I thought it was going to be amazing but the android phone froze up and deleted my contacts
Khaled Shunnar Because they know how to make you do so
Chris Arrington They are superior products. I will not speak for the iphone, though, because all it is is "cute". The computers, and software programs, on the other hand are, simply, better, less complicated, and more intuitive than what the competiton has to offer.
Sandra Cheree McDaniel The only apple product I really want is the Macbook Pro. I check ratings on products before I get them. If they are rated well, then its a product I consider. Since I am in the market for a new computer right now, my hubby told me he would get me one for my birthday.
Omar Lmt Smh I don't see why. I just saw a sexy ass masertari I was scied!
Adelmo Vasquez Lol who knows same reason a gamer or sportsfan dooo cus they like it
Noor Mahmoud It is the mainstream thing. Normal people buy the products because they honestly think that they are the best and the few nerds that buy Apple products do it to further the chances of them getting laid(/satire). I can't blame the average consumer, since advertisement and friend recommendations dictate their choices, plus if they've had any prior use with an apple product, it;s pretty user-friendly and isn't that bad. However, unfortunately it is the money voting of the majority which decides overall where development in technology will lean towards. I am personally hoping for more competition so that my favorites, Windows and Android, will improve.
Kerri Kershaw They are lemmings. :)
Thuderbolt Espino They have no life
Seth Techmanski People are sheep
Eric Shayna It's because other companies release thousands of products while apple only has a few. So you can keep up. Plus, their products are actually good. In other words, there 2 iOS phone out and how many android phones are there?
Samson Muthami Inb4 storm of anti-fanboys complaining about fanboys
Justin Young There just the best. Plain and simple
Jadore Hatcher 1st to comment woo hoo

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