iOS 5 coming this fall with a focus on cloud-based services?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 26, 2011

Apple iOS

After there was nary a peep on iOS 5 at Apple's iPad 2 event earlier this month, rumors sprang up claiming that we'd finally get a preview of the next iteration of iOS sometime next month. If a new report from the folks at TechCrunch is to be believed, though, we may have to wait until this summer to get our first peek at iOS 5. According to two of the site's "solid sources," Apple may unveil iOS 5 at WWDC this June, but it's likely that it won't actually be released until the fall alongside a new version of the iPad. The tipsters went on to say that iOS 5 will be a major overhaul of iOS and will feature a lot of cloud-based services, including a "music locker" and a location service to find friends and family.

In the past, though, Apple has introduced a new version of the iPhone and a major iOS revision at the same time, though, so does that mean that the iPhone 5 will be pushed back to fall, as well? TechCrunch's sources didn't mention Apple's new phone, but the site thinks that the device will still be revealed at WWDC and released shortly thereafter, meaning it could launch with iOS 4.x in tow.

A fall launch of iOS 5 would certainly be a surprising move from Apple, a company that traditionally sticks with a yearly refresh cycle with its mobile products. Launching the iPhone 5 without iOS 5 in tow would be a change of pace for Apple, as well, but it could make sense for it to launch the new iPhone in summer and push iOS 5 back until the fall. If the next-gen iPhone does come out in summer like most of its predecessors have, it could entice owners of previous iPhones whose contracts are ending to upgrade to the new model. What do you all make of this rumor? Will Apple break from its yearly schedule and launch iOS 5 in the fall or will it stick with tradition and push it out to users in the summer with a new iPhone?

Via TechCrunch