HTC EVO View 4G set to launch with Android 3.0 in tow? [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 6, 2011

HTC EVO View 4G Honeycomb

One advantage that the HTC EVO View 4G has over its generic Flyer counterpart is the fact that it can run on Sprint's 3G/4G network when you're out and about and absolutely need to look up a random tidbit of information on Wikipedia. Now it looks like the EVO View 4G may sport another feature that the Flyer won't, at least not initially: Honeycomb. According to a page on Sprint's website, the EVO View 4G will sport "Android 3.0 just for tablets" when it launches later this summer. However, it's also worth noting that HTC's site says that the EVO View 4G will be running Android 2.3, not 3.0.

Although the EVO View 4G boasts compatibility with Sprint's WiMAX network and HTC's Scribe technology, it might become even more attractive if it were to launch with the newest, tablet-specific version of Android. Which OS do you all think that the EVO View 4G will launch with? Would you still be interested in it if it included Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb?

UPDATE: Sprint has now updated the "This just in" page, replacing the "Android 3.0 just for tablets" bullet point with a new, much more vague one that reads "Latest version of Android." When asked exactly which version of Android the EVO View will come to market with, a Sprint spokesperson had this to say: "Our plan is to offer Honeycomb, it's just a matter of when. It's too early to determine whether or not Honeycomb will be available at launch."

Via BGR, HTC, Sprint, Android Central

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