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Sprint has already made it very clear that it's opposed to AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile, but today Dan Hesse took a few moments out of his announcement of the Samsung Replenish to touch on the deal a bit more. Hesse said that he believes that the AT&T-Mobile deal poses a "serious threat" to the industry and that, if approved, will eliminate competition from the market and turn it into a duopoly. "If AT&T is allowed to swallow T-Mobile," the CEO said, "competition will be stifled, growth will be stifled and wireless innovation will be jeopardized."

There's no telling if all of the fighting that Sprint's doing will end up all for naught, but it's admirable to see the No. 3 carrier standing up and doing what it can to voice its concerns and oppose the deal. I'm sure this won't be the last bit of opposition to the merger that we hear, even from Sprint, so be sure to stay tuned.

Via PCMag, Bloomberg, Reuters (Image credit)

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"Now that a few weeks have passed, do you think AT&T buying T-Mobile threatens the wireless industry?"

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Don Kenyon This merger will affect EVERYONE who has a cell phone. The competition will not longer be there. We will all be at the mercy of the "two" major company's pricing. I hope Sprint can get it stopped.
Jacob Brown No. I think AT&T should buy t-mobile because that would strenghten t-mobile customers wireless signal and AT&T's wireless signal because they would have the extra satalite space and cellular coverage. I am starting to think that in 5 years, the only cell phone carriers will be AT&T, verizon, and sprint. Also, then t-mobile customers could get an iPhone without jailbreaking it.
David Reyes Who ever said anything is fair, to think that this world let along anything runs on anything else but money and greed. Money talks!! At the end of the day we are just a bunch of $ Signs to this companies and everything else around it. Nothing left to do but to join the dark side. Lol
Angel G Febles Having AT&T Acquire T-Mo is a horrible idea. There are 3 major CDMA carriers VS one GSM/HSPDA. LTE is still pretty new, and WiMax is really slow being implemented. This gives AT&T and unfair advantage in the 4G race. Being that this is a supposed to be an fair playing field. Any time AT&T acquires more leverage, they tend to make customers pay more.
Flash-Lite Nation This obviously will hurt the wireless industry, most of the peope here obviously have no idea about gsm+cdma compatibility ,verizon and sprint global phones wont work because they are programmed to work in the home network(cdma) and even unlocking the device it will have minimal functions , att acquiring tmobile will hurt so bad that there will be not many choices for customer ,i personally hate verizon,sprint and att that im planing to just use my phone as a skype phone once this deal goes through and keep praying because its more likely to happen,deutsche tekekom wants to get out of the us market and whit this deal is more than clear that they are losing money and the us unit is in financial trouble, why not allow vodafone buy tmobile usa??
J Litz Van Israel, gsm is the newer technology in the states. It's also the majority in the states. Cdma is the 1st & oldest technology. A while back it was rumored that Verizon may consider switching to micro sim. Gsm has a lot of great uses. With gsm you're free to switch phones. Can't do that with cdma. Gsm can use unlocked phones, can't do that with cdma. Gsm can be easily used outside the states. Cdma can only be used outside the states if its a world phone, to my knowledge at least. So in no way, shape or form does gsm suck. Sorry, didn't mean to lawyer you, but it had to be done. Goodnight.
J Litz Van if Sprint is so afraid & if this (in their eyes) will ruin the industry. Then why doesn't Sprint sell to Verizon? They're showing a lack of faith in themselves & their customers. If Dan hesse had faith in himself & loyal customers, he wouldn't open his mouth & act like a little kid. Pathetic.
Brent Taft Yes I think so. Still very opposed to the merger
Pierce Swan Gsm technology is not crap. Its my understanding that pretty much only the US uses that cdma garbage and the US is way behind in terms of cellular technology. And sprint and verizon both care because the LTE spectrum would be built at a rapid rate on WCDMA technology from tmobiles towers which is why sprint wanted tmobiles towers too.
Israel Leiva GSM Technology is crap either way. Verizon and its users really don't give a fuck. Sprint should care less.
Pierce Swan I dont think it threatens it per say... its not to say I want to be merged into ATT! Quite the contrary. I think they will have big say in the cell world on prices but I dont think its a monopoly style advantage!
Terence Gentry Has anyone actually researched the policies that AT&T has been implementing lately? That company despises even the notion of fairness or customer service/satisfaction. That aside, anyone dumb enough to believe this will do anything BUT raise prices deserves to pay $200/month for cell service. All the money at&t made off the iPhone and exactly how much of it did they spend on network upgrades and maintenance? They've no intention of "improving customer experience", they just wanna knock another competitor off the market.
Anh-Tuan Le Yes. AT&T acquiring anything is a threat.
David Reyes I cant wait to pay $200 for a monthly iphone plan. : (
Christopher Manic Johnson If DT is using this to gain cash by offering a DOA deal to AT&T, then effectively TmoUSA would cease to be, & DT would get sued out the ass by AT&T. AT&T isn't stupid, they are the biggest telecom co on the planet. I still don't get how this deal is anti-competitive when the affect on competition would be minimal. A GSM monopoly? W/ Sprint & Vzw adding global devices to their offerings, you can effectively get a GSM capable device on any major us carrier. Plus, this merger would mean the wireless industry in the US would be one step closer to having a set standard, which the FCC wants. The pros outweigh the cons....
John Zanatta I know Sprint will grow by 1 family of customers if it goes through. I've been with AT&T before. I paid to break contract and ran back to TMO as fast as I could. I have no problem not signing with AT&T.
Benjamin Padilla Sure. It'll make things more expensive and with less innovation.
Irv Guerra As someone who just stopped workin 4 tmobile I think its a great thing weather ppl like it or not at&t knows how to run a business that's why they been around so long. Tmobile hasn't made a profit since 2008 u would see to if u weren't makin money and I would by if I was at&t cus there goes one 1 competitor
Joseph Jones This is a good thing for all. Better coverage for tmobile. Better expierence for at&t. Sprint gets to be the sole value carrier. Meanwhile us Verizon lovers just sit back and laugh.
Douglas Prevo I would really prefer Sprint to buy them, T-Mobile + AT&T leaves a real bad taste in my mouth.
Eric Casanova it makes sprint look bad
Meestah Rahjas New theory...douche telekom is using this fiasco to get a massive cash injection to build up its U.S t mobile network. Its a publicity stunt. They don't have me fooled not one bit!
Bryan Sandoval Maybe just a thought what if Deusche Telekinesis knows this deal won't go thru and are using this as a way to get sum needed cash and sum spectrum. I believe their is a break up fee that ATT has to pay plus give sum spectrum up as part of that deal. There is something wrong with our government if they let this go thru. If it does we need government regulation of the wireless industry like in Europe.
Mike Wagner At&t done said tmobile customers could keep there same plans. So as long as you dont change your plan your price will never go up
Chris Balibrera Verizon sucks. Had them a while back. $39.99 plan. If I went over 10 - 20 minutes my bill would go over $100. With bullshit charges. verizon and att suck balls. They are great for peeps that love to get @ss raped with expensive plans and BS charges.
Jay Mac This is going to completely destroy the cellphone industry here in the U.S. Competition is what forces companies to make their products and services better and better, with AT&T buying out its only GSM competition, there's no reason for them to compete in prices. A perfect example of competition is what's just happened with the iPhone. Now that VZW has the iPhone, I've NEVER had better customer service in my life! 2 years ago, I would have been screaming and demanding managers for my problems, now, they don't even blink an eye. I believe with this merger, nothing but higher prices, and probably even more data restraints will be in the works
Brian Childs Yes, I emailed them and this is what they said. Look: "Dear Brian, Good question, Brian! We understand how important it is to have the latest updates for your device. I'm happy to inform you that your phone, the HTC MyTouch 4G is definately on our list to recieve the 2.3 Android OS update. At this time, we don't have an exact launch date. However, we estimate that it will be available in the second quarter of 2011 (anywhere from the beginning of April, to the end of June), assuming that there are no major setbacks. Once we have a better idea of when this update will be availble for your phone, we'll be sure to announce it through Facebook"
Jesse Bryant How? They both suck coverage wise lol
Michael Charlton He is right just look at Bell mobility in Canada it has over 50% of the cell phone market.
Andrew Kleinberg Making a monopoly like that is a horrible idea. Att being the greedy bastards they are will make prices sky rocket. Verizon will have to buy sprint. With those two controlling the market prices for plans will go up tremendously and the alternative phone plans won't be able to stay in the market much longer
David Wilson Yes, it's still a horrible move and I still hope it gets shut down
Chris J Yes att will be the largest carrier
John Cruz I don't really care about at&t because Verizon is the best
Shawn Sato-Veillon Yes, I do. Andy why can't I comment from my wall? Need to fix that guys.
Shivdev Singh Bhatia should i care?... im canadian.
Chris Balibrera Forget the obvious price increase. They will destroy the most open carrier of the big 4. AT&T will implement no side leading apps, very locked down phones, alot of bloatware, etc. Tmobile was the only carrier that released the most unaltered handsets being close to their european and asian counterparts. AT&T will kill this.
Chris Toliver If AT&T copied some of T-Mobiles prices and combined their coverage areas,they would actually bring in more consumers. They could even bring back their unlimited data and create new and better data package offers for pre-paid customers.
Ronnie Carlough yea customer service is the best.I'm gonna wait it out.sprint likely to get share. Ill go to sprint before at&t
Nick Roquet If I learned anything from the Sirius XM merger. It's that consumers get it hard....anally without jelly
Javier Bustamante Yes ATT is a relentless faceless coorporation that doesn't give a crap for their customer(just like the other wireless giant). TMobile actually has very good Customer Service and they care a lot for their customers. They offer a lot of unlimited services and I think ATT is just gonna ruin everything.
Lance Burley It does threanten the pone industry it just makes it more bland......i mean just think if GM bought FORD....all of the ford product will start to suck because they would want GM products to be more desirable....and this is going to be the same thing with Tmobile phone
James Oliver If sprint is as good as the CEO says and as it's customers say, it will be just fine and the deal won't hurt.
Nick Koval Da idiots
James Oliver I don't think it threatens the wireless industry. If anything it will help. Major improvements thanks to AT&T
Ali Fazel I think its a bad idea
Roy Portillo yeah it does. Because sooner or later AT&T will change the prices of T-Mobile. Sucks because I was going to switch to T-mobile, now its back to Verizon. Who knows, maybe Verizon will buy Sprint....
Ziggy Torres Start going up*
Ziggy Torres Yes! They will be to big. Prices for cell phone service will starting up. Not good for the consumer.

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