Motorola DROID Bionic front

Boy, Motorola can't catch a break. Hot on the heels of a leak showcasing several new products last week and the appearance of some DROID 3 training videos yesterday, purported images of a redesigned DROID Bionic in the wild have made their way online. The device in question features both a front and back that are different from the Bionic that debuted back in January, looking a bit more like the Targa sans the camera hump. As you can see in the photos, this new Bionic features an 8-megapixel camera with a flash and 1080p video capture and a revised version of MotoBlur similar to the one recently spotted on the DROID 3. Check out two more photos of the handset, including one of it docked with a Moto lapdock, below.

Although Motorola has said that the new Bionic will be landing this summer with several enhancements and "an improved form factor," it never really expanded on exactly what changes were in store for the device. This new look is a tad more generic and black slab-ish than the Bionic's original two-tone look, but I'm kind of digging it so far. What do you all think of the redesigned DROID Bionic?

UPDATE: More photos of the DROID Bionic have emerged over at the PhoneHK forum, along with some possible specs for the revamped device. According to the source of the photos, the new Bionic will pack a 4.5-inch 540x960 qHD display and Android 2.3.4 running beneath the same version of MotoBlur found on the DROID 3, which features a new lock screen as well as redone animations. Check out the Bionic sitting pretty next to an Atrix below, followed by an image showing the new Blur's home screen preview.

Motorola DROID Bionic Atrix 4G

Motorola DROID Bionic home screen preview

Motorola DROID Bionic rear

Motorola DROID Bionic lapdock

Via MobileGearz, Droid-Life, PhoneHK

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Cole Tague i paid 86 after tax with tmo for unlimited everything, the data was capped after 2 gigs though
Cole Tague if galaxy s2 had lte, that would be the best phone for awhile. verizon is getting rid of their unlimited data soon. verizon costs an arm and a leg. 105 bucks for 450 minutes unlimited text and data with insurance
Cole Tague how is the infuse better than a dual core with lte ? it's got a 1.2 ghz single core hummingbird with at&t's crap hspa+ at least t-mo's hspa+ is respectable .with my g2x i would get 6-9 mbps 99 percent of the time
Cole Tague only thing sammy's got that other don't is their super amoled + display and its funny they're still using wvga displays 480 by 800 pixels
Jp Samas the nexus should have stuck on samsung y because samsung make the best android phones without a doubt
Eric Kroh LG Revo all the way!..woot!!..its good enough for 18 more months til I get something newer..hehe
Andy Solis Banuelos samsung infuse way better :D
Jimmie Waverly I'm awaiting this Bionic but when it comes out I'm gonna deeply look at what Samsung has to offer.
Ben Bartholomew If i was on verizon then I would be
Jorge Hugo Galindo Nope never was. Motorola is no longer a good phone company.
Jerimiah Reece Motorola better hurry the @$#@ up. If the Samsung "Function" hits Verizon first I'm going to give up on the Bionic. I liked the styling of the original Bionic prototype better. This new version looks like a Droid 2/3 without the slide out keyboard. I don't like that they look so similar. Either way, they'd best release it most ricky tick.
Teron Facey Not even worth a glimpse at.
Marvin Oubre Yes, when the Bionic was first announced back in the day, but got tired of waiting. I will be getting Evo 3D instead.
Ryan Hunter Hell no! Evo 3D is where its at.
KoDy Designed ByCrime Nope SAMSUNG GSII FTW!!!
Jordan Mosley YES, I can't wait for VZ to release a 4g phone that looks and feels like its worth all the $ theyre charging for it, and is up to par ,spec-wise, with the other phones out there.
Norleena Davies YEs!!!! Want to compare to samsung galazy s2 and see which is better, which it sounds like the galaxy s2 is going to blow all competiton away. :)
Justin Michael Duncan they will jus have somthing better next year by the time that comes ouy
Ben Broyles It will just be delayed again
Crezel Cabading 4G. Gorgeous screen. Front facin camera. 1080p recording. Sleek design. All check
Dawn Stiles Been chomping at the bit for this one for a while!!!!
Gabriel Fernandez Sure. It would be the best device on their roster right now.
David In slightly yea XP
Tyler Cook YES!!!!!!
Abraham Valentin Yes!!!!!!!

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