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The hallmark feature of BlackBerry devices to date has been BlackBerry Messenger.  Once a relatively basic messaging service between BlackBerry owners, it has evolved into a central theme of the company's "love what you do" advertising strategy. 

Apple threw a wrench into RIM's exclusive service with their announcement of iMessage, an iOS feature oddly similar to BlackBerry Messenger.  Much like Messenger does with the phone's unique PIN, iMessage works off of the Apple ID of the iDevice, and features include read receipts, real-time status updates, and more.

If it sounds all too familiar, that's because it is.  The concern about being a "nail in the coffin is certainly valid, because when it comes to device-centric messaging services, people often gravitate to what their friends and family have.  Given the popularity of iOS devices and their prevalence in today's market, it makes sense that some existing BlackBerry users will migrate to iOS.

So, hot off the heels of the WWDC keynote, I present the question to you.  Is Apple's iMessage a final nail in the coffin for RIM, who has relied on BlackBerry Messenger as one of the features distinguishing it from its competitors? 

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"Will Apple's iMessage have a significant impact on RIM's BlackBerry Messenger?"

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Luis Arturo Batista Aquino no impact since BBM is the best way to communicate..
Marti Ruiz Both suck
Terrence Cartwright What about an app where you can still message people on BBM....
Raj Madan How many more features will Apple steal. First Windows Phone 'Mango' and Andriod followed by RIM. Out of the 200 features mentioned at WWDC, 199 of them were from the above mentioned. The remaining feature was the iShit which allows iPricks to lick Steve Job's rear.
Mike Masone I enjoy my bbs keyboard thank you very much. My itouch is for my music and games
Jerome Patricio Apple is doing things smart. They use other ideas and perfect it to demolish competition
Angel Miguel Peguero I hope rim step up their game and shut up apples fanboys
Joshua Nwankwo Just as OS boxed in as bbm. Multi platform clients like LiveProfile are the future.
Tim Fuhrmann Maybe I'm just being optimistic, or maybe people really don't realize, once BlackBerry launches a QNX smartphone, why would anyone leave? BB security is unsurpassed, BBM is the best, then add the ability to run android apps on top of that. I think give RIM a year and everyone will be singing a different song.
Adam Fontaine Why would it? They're two totally different things. Just like bbm doesn't sway me towards a blackberry, imessage wouldn't swing me towards an iPhone.
Zach Cline Lol like android is original. So many ignorant android fanboys posting.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Now enterprise users and corporates have one Strong reason for pushing iPhones in their companies........... :-) And I thnk it's RIP for 'whatsapp messenger',..... Mayb whatsapp messenger will live little longer but rejoice 'freebee types' of user becoz it's price iis going to be reduced on iPhone soon(it wll be free).......... I thnk imessenger will rule BBM in less than one yr. bcoz jailbreakers will find a way to use it to communicate with other devices also, bit BBM will always remain on Berry's...... :-)
Nirav Insomniac Its nt abt stealing ideas,ever1 wants to make themselves better...so they find out wot is better in others and then implement it in themselves in slightly different way
Eddie Cobb doubt it, Apple is just trying to steal everyone else's ideas. Another example is the notification menu, seems Apple has lost originality.
Richard Sun iOS= Apple, Microsoft = project Mango, Android = Deserts, Blackberry might as well rename themselves to "Dingle berry".. It's over RIM!!
Matthew Gonzales Landry I think so, yeah. A lot of people don't switch from BB's because of BBM. Thing is, most of those people also have iPods. Now it's only a matter of time before they just use convert to iPhone.
Peter Kis RIM should take the plunge and make BBM a true multi-platform standard before Apple has a chance to launch yet another closed-circle product.
Phatt Phatlalalo Crackberry
Brian Curtis Pfft. Beluga FTW
Nathan Parks The fact that apple keeps taking ideas from others is disappointing.
Brian Stringfellow I wonder if this will allow Apple users to quit their text messaging plans. Would be great if it did, but I suspect Apple is going to nurture their carriers (ensuring a healthy kickback) and let customers continue to pay $10-20 more each month for no good reason. For those who may not know, with Android and google voice, you can quit paying for texting plans.
Tremaine Fowler Blackberry will survive as long as there are enterprise users with IT department embrace RIM. I for one am a business owner and the majority of my clients are Blackberry users because they aren't into apps. They use email, text, BBM and google maps. As for the everyday consumer non-techie got an IPhone cause of its status as pop culture icon. The fact that its not multi platform doesn't give either iMSG or BBM an uppper hand
Anthony Dunlap Naw its not gonna effect anyone especially with LiveProfile which is better than both! Lol
Helena Rose Blackberry copied webOS too.. Not just apple. Mind you guys palm was first to have 'apps'. Everybodys just copying off everybody, we don't hear palm suing blackberry and apple.. This is funny
Shawn nV Sp ios 5 needs to come out NOW!!!!! after then the people will judge if i messege is better then bbm
Brett Reasor In order for it to be truly effective, you'd have to have all your blackberry friends switch to iPhone. Its worthless not being multi-platform if you ask me. If someone is going to convert from a BB, I doubt switching to another proprietary messaging service is going to be the driving factor.
Trevor McGoldrick I personally love blackberry. I honestly have not used a droid phone I liked, and I have no purpose for an iphone since i've got an ipod touch. haha.
Susan-Marc Perez I really like the " whatsapp messenger" on my Android..let's me chat with I phone users and share pics, video, music and map locations too....
Daniel J Steinfeld blackberrys are terrible. Bbm is cool but its not worth buying a phone with no features for
Andrew Johnson U guys have now asked the same thing 3 or 4 ways
Bart Van Oosterwijck Stupid patriotic apple loosers need to copy everything from the other manufacturers! And the i-zombies would even buy a piece of shit with the apple logo on it! Pathetic!!! Freedom of speech people!!!
Chris Rodriguez Please die, RIM
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo Google Talk is the best and can be used multi platform
Ed Plnia have you see the news lately carmen? if you don't go to www.blackberry.com and see the new blackberry bold 9900/9930 coming real soon with 1.2ghz processor NFC plus touch screen with HD recording at 720
Rick Wilson RIM has already came out and said that it is making BBM app for android and iPhone. It should be released by end of the year.
Eoin Kearns Nope. In the uk blackberrys are about £150 and iphones are £500. Already half the country has them. Its not very practical on ipod touch and ipad, people still need a phone
Noe Brito Blackberry = Palm Pilot
Jeremy Gross uhh no i think bbm is great people want it on everything
Joseph Alan Richardson No, Blackberry Messenger has been around too long to be beaten by amateurs.
Sumeet Deshmukh @jordan, i respect ur choise but androids are better than blackberries!! Belive it
Branden McNeill I think it will. I can tell Apple is planning to take over the i.m. and say to Blackberry anything you can do i can do better!
Robert Centennial Thats the line for years" when the new blackberry comes out". Flash news blackberry fans...ITS ALREADY OUTDATED AND HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED! Rim is done stick a fork in them and their keyboard nonsense.
Muhammad Ataya RIM isn't even a legit contender. They need to transition by allowing other platforms to use their BIS service.
Robert Salender We want a recount... let's see... uhh, no, Apple won't be ahead, despite all this.
Jean Pennie I'm a recent iPhone convert after using a Blackberry for many years; I am really happy that I switched (even though I was very nervous) and now I'm even happier that I see iMessage coming along in a few months!
Stuart James Baucum this great, Apple has 2 mobile messaging services in their hands- FaceTime and iMessage....lol!
Mike Chavez Those still exist? I thought they stopped using them around the same time as CDs
Sumeet Deshmukh No, not at all
Ed Plnia Noe Brito what do you mean with "people still use blackberry"? of course we do use blackberry, and with the new and faster blackberry coming out we don't feel the need of getting any of those fance android phone.. or If*%$
Davis Hanna nope i still want a keyboard and not to have to pay xtra for it
Robert Centennial Who's Rim?
Thaddeus Sylvester It gives all those bbmers their walking papers
Anh-Tuan Le Of course. AAPL will now sue RIM (if that's its real name) for preemptively copying AAPL. Boom! Game over, bitches! AAPL wins!
Noe Brito People still use Blackberry?
Don FlaKo Goldstein Apple cares about screwing others. Fuck apple
Guillermo De León I doubt it.
Wugui Jove Whatsapp, woohoo!
Sunit Acharya hope its doesnt be that good

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