Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930

Right on schedule, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is now available from Verizon's website. Priced at $249.99 with a two-year contract — or $509.99 for those of us that don't want to sign away two years of our mobile lives — the Bold 9930 is the first handset in Verizon's lineup to run RIM's new BlackBerry 7 OS. There's no mention as to when the 9930 will be available in Verizon retail stores, but a leak from over the weekend showed that August 25th may be the day that the new Bold begins infiltrating Big Red's brick and mortar stores.

What's that? You'd like a spec refresher on the Bold 9930? Well, it features a 2.8-inch 480x640 touchscreen, 1.2GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p video capture, 8GB of internal storage, 768MB RAM, NFC, and the BlackBerry 7 OS. The 9930 is definitely one of the more impressive 'Berrys that RIM has released, at least on paper, but the question is: how many of you plan on picking one up?

UPDATE: And just like that, Verizon has issued a press release formally announcing its version of the Bold 9930. It'll be available in stores August 25th for those of you that want to give the new 'Berry a test run before committing to a purchase. Full press release is below.

Verizon Wireless Introduces The New BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 Smartphone
Thinnest BlackBerry Smartphone Features Power and the Perfect Union of a High-Performance Keyboard and Touch Display On the Nation’s Most Reliable Network


BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Verizon Wireless today announced the new BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone is available online at www.verizonwireless.com and will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores on August 25.

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 smartphone is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet, measuring only 10.5 mm, and is the first BlackBerry Bold to integrate a touch display with a BlackBerry keyboard. This smartphone is performance driven and powered by the new BlackBerry® 7 operating system to deliver the ultimate in communication, multimedia and productivity for Verizon Wireless customers.

BlackBerry 7:

Next generation BlackBerry browser has optimized zooming and panning for smoother Web navigation and optimized HTML5 performance.

Premium version of Documents To Go is now included at no additional cost, offering customers enhanced document editing features, as well as a native PDF document viewer.

The newest release of BBM™ (BlackBerry Messenger) now offers the real-time BBM experience together with a range of apps including gaming and social networking.

Liquid Graphics™ technology combines a dedicated high-performance graphics processor with a blazingly fast CPU and stunning high-resolution display to deliver a responsive touch interface with incredibly fast and smooth graphics.

Updated Social Feeds app has been extended to capture updates from media, podcasts and more all in one consolidated view.

Universal search capability now supports voice-activated search, allowing customers to simply say what they want to find on their device or the Web.
BlackBerry® Balance is integrated in BlackBerry 7, allowing customers to enjoy the full BlackBerry smartphone experience for both work and personal use. BlackBerry Balance allows secure access to business information while preventing the information from being copied into, sent from, or used by personal applications. An administrator can also remotely wipe business information from the device while leaving personal information intact.

Key features:

3G coverage on the nation’s most reliable network
2.8-inch touchscreen display (640 x 480)
Full backlit QWERTY keyboard with trackpad navigation
1.2 GHz processor
5-megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording capabilities
Global-ready – Quad band with support for UMTS, HSPA, GSM, GPRS and EDGE allowing customers to enjoy wireless voice and data service in more than 200 countries, including more than 125 countries with 3G speeds
Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, GPS and Bluetooth® 2.1
microSD™ card slot with support for cards up to 32 GB
Push to Talk capability will be enabled through an over-the-air update

Pricing and availability:

BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone is available for $249.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.
Customers that purchase a BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan beginning at $39.99 for monthly access and a smartphone data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data.

For more information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to www.verizonwireless.com.

Via Verizon

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Zach Cline
Zach Cline And I have to agree, Bryan is a fag. These things aren't just "phones" anymore. Especially android devices and the iPhone. The reason why these things are basically pocket computers with the ability to make calls is because people don't want to carry around a fucking laptop, tablet or an iPod around when we can have everything in one device. Thats tough if you don't like it because they're only going to get more advanced.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Android FTL
Jason King
Jason King This phone should have came out ( ill be kind and say) 2 years ago. Really who has money to keep buying phone after phone .. this phone looks really good..but in 6 months will this phone still be valid ?? I think not ... Looks good tho SN : I will say that I loved the bold 9000 and if 9930 would have replaced the 9000 not that small 9700 i would be on board but like i said ... too late ..
Marco Raymond
Marco Raymond My bro got it, its pretty nice but Im staying with my Windows phone, its amazingg
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Why would you buy one? Battery is a little better but it does nothing
Michael Autovino
Michael Autovino YES !
David Kimberlin
David Kimberlin nope not a chance
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz yes if it comes to tmobile
Selim Orsan
Selim Orsan not blackberry... OLDBERRY
Kaitlin Lange
Kaitlin Lange No its a nutsack
Brandon Ricker
Brandon Ricker nope
John Cruz
John Cruz blackberry is dead
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz What is a blackberry?
Sam Rick
Sam Rick LOL..hells no.BB is soooo outdated.RIP,RIM!
Clarice Louie
Clarice Louie Yes, when I can upgrade.
Nathan Crenshaw
Nathan Crenshaw Forget bb. Go iOS.!
Richard Quintanilla
Richard Quintanilla Yess I will be for sprint
Gerard Cortes
Gerard Cortes I just got my free nexus s:) no bb for me!
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar I wouldn't even buy one with someone else's money...
Felipe Bautista
Felipe Bautista No.
Christina Elena Amaya
Christina Elena Amaya yes but from sprint next week
Nick Hurd
Nick Hurd Nope android ftw
Thomas Rodriguez
Thomas Rodriguez Does it have android?? ” no” what forget that then lol
Aj Rusty
Aj Rusty Yes.
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Bryan ur a Damn fag
Doug Linares
Doug Linares It's the same blackberry that comes out every year only thing that changes is the model #! I gotta admit the touchscreen and keyboard is tempting but after using android & iPhone for a while its hard to jump to a BB just for emails and texting which I can do fine on other phones.
Ash Hus
Ash Hus Nah never bb again I got iPhone now happy bb suck compare to android n iOS
Bryan James Abraham
Bryan James Abraham Hahaha you win. : )
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial @Bryan James Abraham you rim ball suckin toasted soup sandwich shit taster
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Yah selling my sensation 4g lag master for this!
Rc Cavin
Rc Cavin Yeah I want it asap
Bryan James Abraham
Bryan James Abraham @ Carmen Centennial Cum guzzling viagra testing testicle wart.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial @ Bryan James Abraham android is not calling it a new os you ignorant rimbot cockface
ShehrYar Asghar
ShehrYar Asghar y would u buy this if you can get a dual core atrix for $99.99 or a g2x for $149.99
Bryan James Abraham
Bryan James Abraham Oh and for all the android fanboys out there 2.3 is 2.2 with minor cosmetic changes. A little bit better battery life. Talking bout os7 being the same as os6. Ignorant fucks.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Thinking about it. Love the BB keyboard
Bryan James Abraham
Bryan James Abraham Seems more elegant than other phones on the market. Who cares about flash player, last year specs, old os. It's a phone! People forget that its primary function is to make calls! If you want all the features of a desktop, but a net book or a tablet. I have a G slate and plan on getting the blackerry 9900. It's a good PHONE. Don't hate. It does what its suppose to do well, make phone calls.
Lewis Dariel Tejeda
Lewis Dariel Tejeda The only good thing of blackberry is bbm, they are really behond, all new phones are coming up with 8 mp camaras and just because the 9930 is a great advance for RIM they priced it really high, but it is not a great advance to the market when you have iphone and better android phones..so i think their marketing group did a terrible job on pricing -__-...I can't believe I was a blackberry fan!
Thomas Scully Matthews
Thomas Scully Matthews blackberry
Quade Nowlin
Quade Nowlin Lol bb is a joke
Arturo Cifuentes
Arturo Cifuentes Not really Android and HTC for me that's all Shauwwwww
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Lol the curve is so outdated.
Scott Farrand
Scott Farrand No BB for me...
Erica Reid
Erica Reid No more RIM devices for me. Love my Samsung Galaxy 4G
Jim Eakins
Jim Eakins In two words, hell no
Shaun Mbhiza
Shaun Mbhiza No I'm waiting for a GoMo aka Google-Motorola phone
Krichelle Figuereo-Palmer
Krichelle Figuereo-Palmer Hale no. blackberrys are full of suckage
Joe Aranzullo
Joe Aranzullo Hell no. I've had 6 different blackberries through my work and I have not liked a single one.. id rather have winmo6 os than bb os anyday. Although.. android os is still supreme :)
Jeffrey Hobbs
Jeffrey Hobbs I really wanted this phone and had been looking forward to it, but that $249 price tag scares me. The most I'd figure it would be would be $199.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial RIM must die I hate seeing their crap phones on displays. And that playbook is a catastrophe.
John Smith
John Smith Cell phones ate getting like PC's the minute u get one it's old tech...whatever!!!!!!!
John Thomas III
John Thomas III Yes...
Josue Fonseca Rivera
Josue Fonseca Rivera I rather buy a feature phone.
Philip Gonzales
Philip Gonzales I wanted to.. I ended up getting the DROID X2
Taz Brannan
Taz Brannan Blackberry is sooo last decade!
Doug El Conquistador
Doug El Conquistador Love the phone dogs..do great job of reviewN
Mark Carruthers
Mark Carruthers Nope! BlackBerry does not sync well with Google services.
Logan Robinson
Pete Galluzzo
Pete Galluzzo Im thinking htc vigor
Todd Evans
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen Noooo! Waiting on the Bionic or SG2
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Rim should be arrested for two reasons. 1. Calling it a new phone when it's parts out of the 2008 bb parts bin. 2. Calling it a new os when it's just a version of bb6. I do love watching rim die and all their followers make up excuses.
Brent Legendre
Brent Legendre yes. I dont reallly like all the kiddie phones on the market.
Corey Wells
Corey Wells no & i'll tell you why... DROID X 2 bitch! I LOVE this phone!!!!
Davis Hanna
Davis Hanna yep selling iPhone hopefully
Carol Dudley-Bowen
Carol Dudley-Bowen nope, I just bought a Windows phone.
Thomas Matthews
Thomas Matthews Why all of a sudden does everyone hate blackberry?
Michael Ducylowycz
Michael Ducylowycz Absolutely NOT...until Blackberry can implement QNX into it's handhelds I consider them to be a bailing company. BBOS 7 is a waste of time, and the only thing Blackberry has going for it is the infrastructure that exists from the past.
Wood Franklin
Wood Franklin blackberry?
Joy Swinton
Joy Swinton Once I got an android phone...bye bye bb..4 eva!
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban no! who would buy such phones running on old crappy softwares and hardwares
Eddie Alfonso
Eddie Alfonso No. RIP RIM! (Didn't happen soon enough)
George Kosta Petroff
George Kosta Petroff Breaking news: Blackberry and Apple found dead!! Police suspect an Android!! :p
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Here in the UK we won't have to pay for the phone on a 2 year contract and our tariffs are a lot cheaper! Feel sorry for you Americans!
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Is not battery life it's the fact that blackberries don't do shiit except bbm. The only reason I want a bb is Becuase I feel too attached to my phone. I wish I could just get a old razor lol. But bb's cost almost as much as high end phones so I'd never actually make that switch. If you went from iOS or android to bb consider yourself a fool. Unless you got the phone for cheap n out of contract
Kent Masias
Kent Masias Too vintage still for me.
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed Not a good idea better i spend the money to buy some strawberries
Jacob Lloyd
Jacob Lloyd They only people going back to blackberries are the people who are in denial about the fact that they can't adapt to new technology.
Keith Windiddy
Keith Windiddy def not for 250$!
Danny Lall
Danny Lall Ohh hell noo!!
Ray Dull
Ray Dull No blackberries here.
David McClellan
David McClellan I know quite a few people going back to Crackberry's from iOS and Android because of one thing: battery life.
Saad Syed
Saad Syed Me preety much confused in torch 2 n dis 1 w8n fr torch 2
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez I'm cool with the bold I have right now
Ricardo Contreras Jr.
Ricardo Contreras Jr. Black berry is dead
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Hey Eric, hashtags don't work on Facebook. Just so you know
Harsh Waitforit Makwana
Harsh Waitforit Makwana No way !!!!!!!!!
Miranda Quintana
Miranda Quintana Heck no blackberry is so crappy would never lower myself for crap
Steven Quintal
Steven Quintal I want one soooo bad!!!
Bill McNamee
Bill McNamee If you traded in your Droid for this, that just means you are too dumb to learn how to use it.
Ron Scott
Ron Scott Will their even be a Blackberry or should I say Rim in 10 years? I doubt it.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller No.
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés No. Why would i downgrade to a blackberry! Thats just wrong!
Julián Suazo
Julián Suazo Nop I'm happy with my curve is the same thing on wasting your money on a new one :D
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Save your money and buy an old one it's the same thing.
Jon Recinos
Jon Recinos $250 can get you an HTC Thunderbolt. Money well wasted on the BB if you ask me.
Chris Pen
Chris Pen you can get the thunderbolt for 69.99 at amazon wireless.....
Randy A Ferguson
Randy A Ferguson I'll buy it when it goes down to $150
Phillip Ith
Phillip Ith Nope, saving money to buy SGS2.
Randal Morris
Randal Morris Yes, can't wait to get rid of this android phone!!!!!!
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Hell no I'd rather throw my money in a fire.
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone No. After getting a RIM job from the Original BlackBerry Storm never again.

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