Last month, we visited the topic of the “perfect superphone.” With any choice of manufacturer, any specifications and any mobile software, the sky was the limit. Through a lengthy explanation, I came to the conclusion that my perfect superphone would be a Nokia-made, webOS phone with a dual-core processor, a Carl Zeiss camera lens and a 720p HD display. Beyond that, I wasn't too picky as far as individual specifications go.

But HP dropped a big bomb yesterday, stating that it plans to “discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones.” This, of course, does not mean that webOS is completely done. HP has detailed plans to license the software. But webOS has been the recipient of a lot of disinterest from carriers as of late and in a market where there are already two, more popular, licensed platforms, I'm not sure other OEMs will take the risk with the web-based software. HP's webOS is taboo right now.

For the sake of this article, I'm throwing webOS out of the picture. Yes, I know, I'm jumping the gun here. But a month has passed since I concocted my “perfect superphone” and a lot has changed. Google has revealed plans to purchase Motorola, Samsung hired Steve Kondik and BlackBerry is somewhat back in the smartphone race. My interests have changed and so has my idea of a perfect phone.


Over the past four years, the general idea of the smartphone has drastically changed. No longer are they equipped with email-friendly QWERTY keyboards. Instead, they are fitted with large, high resolution, capacitive displays, accompanied by various software keyboards. That said, not all of the changes have been for the worse. Thanks to the smartphone boom, touchscreens have come leaps and bounds, much like processors, flash memory, cameras and several other aspects of mobile technology.

Spending a little hands-on time with one of RIM's latest devices, the 9930 on Verizon, has brought back memories of my BlackBerry days. And if any of you remember, I used to be one of the biggest 'Berry addicts around. Just like that, I have the itch. The itch that won't go away until I buy a Bold 9900. I now want RIM to make my superphone, and I want the 9900 keyboard. The 2.8-inch display is still a bit small for my liking, so we need to stretch it to at least 3.2 or 3.5-inches. No need for too much display, though, as typing will be done on that luxurious keyboard.

Even though the 9900 is ridiculously fast for a BlackBerry, the software I'll be running on this superphone needs a little extra horsepower – not overkill. A dual-core Snapdragon or Tegra 2 with at least 1GB RAM will do. I'm a memory hoard so I'll need at least 32GB of built-in storage and a microSD card slot. And we all know BlackBerry cameras are far from noteworthy. I'll take at least an 8-megapixel shooter with a Carl Zeiss lens, please. Oh, let's not forget that NFC either.


The news of webOS stood us on our heads yesterday. We've all been secretly wishing HP could turn webOS around, but that obviously didn't happen. In fact, they've made matters worse. This, of course, doesn't mean instantaneous death for HP's mobile platform, but the odds definitely aren't in its favor. As aforementioned, I'm making this concept phone without webOS as an option.

I want something with long-term support and plenty of applications for my superphone; that's why I've chosen Android. But I didn't just choose any old version of Android. I've put CyanogenMod through the paces and while it may be one of the most supported custom ROMs out there, it gets a little bland over time. I've recently fallen in love with MIUI, a Chinese-made ROM with hundreds – maybe even thousands – of fully customizable themes, which can be mixed and matched to the heart's desire. It's the most versatile and beautifully polished version of Android around that gives Android a more pristine feel. (As a major plus, there is a webOS theme available. If you use it with Wave Launcher, it almost feels as if you're actually on webOS. Okay, not really … but a man can dream, right?)

On a more serious note, MIUI almost feels like an entirely different operating system of its own at times. The ability to constantly and completely change the look and feel of the software puts MIUI as the number one choice of platform for my superphone.


Unlike RIM, the 9900 series has not lived up the BlackBerry standards when it comes to battery life. This is likely due to the battery capacity being so low (1,230 mAh), doubling the processor speed and adding a touchscreen. Nonetheless, I expect great battery life out of a BlackBerry … even if it is running Android. I want at least an 1,800 mAh battery that can make it through the day. If have have power left over when the sun goes down, I'll be ecstatic.

Carrier and connectivity

As I stated in the past superphone article, Verizon is my carrier of choice. I've been a faithful customer for many years now and their service has served me well. I've had issues with all other national carriers (and even some regional) in more rural areas. CDMA may not be the best technology around, but it serves its purpose and I usually have service, no matter where I go.

Furthermore, 2011 is the year of 4G. I can understand RIM passing up on LTE at the moment, especially if the battery is as unimpressive as it already is. LTE is a battery hog and several manufacturers have passed it up for the time being, solely for this reason. That said, I want my 4G. But let's throw a software toggle in the mix so I can choose when I want to use it. If my battery drains in a few hours, at least I know I'm the one to blame.

Your turn … again

Not everyone likes BlackBerrys and many have already passed the days of physical QWERTYs (on smartphones at least), which means my perfect phone may be totally different from yours. Remember, we're not counting webOS, we're assuming the worst. What if webOS was gone tomorrow? I'm handing the mic over to you guys. What would your perfect phone – software and hardware combination – be? What kind of specs would it have? Sound off below!

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Kieran Withers
Kieran Withers Galaxy S 2 but is there a 3??
Terry Bartee
Terry Bartee Nexus Prime
Ayman Salah Elmnbawy
Ayman Salah Elmnbawy nokia n8 is a good one
Rand David
Rand David Internal and the screen from Boost'sPrevail in a Sanyo'sInnuendo housing would be my choice. rd
Francis Singh
Francis Singh my nexus 4g is the best one so far ive had... sprints gone a loong way from being a slow crappy company.
Clarence J Washington
Clarence J Washington I say a flexable, customizable, intuitive os with decent hardware. Making smart phones that are fun and well as realiable. Nokia is a good company!!!.....@Shevan
Shevon la Fleur
Shevon la Fleur lol how nobody did not say nokia????
Bryan Platt
Bryan Platt The htc hd 2 is an was the best phone ever it can 5 different operating systems I don't understand why ppl complain about android devices not scrolling smoothly I just don't have those problems I wish the signal could be better I can't stand apple its a glorified feature phone an don't even compare to android wp7 sux to but better than the iPhone though.
Glenn Bremner
Glenn Bremner Galaxy S II is a perfect beast.
Norharishan Nordin
Norharishan Nordin a gorgeous brilliant sleek form factor and damn smooth touch screen like ios phone
Tremaine Fowler
Tremaine Fowler Blackberry with front facing camera and angry birds and no touchscreen
Anonymous I can't believe there are still people who bother naming the phone that was well know for not being even able to make a phone call without either holding it like an idiot or buying a case =.=" and stop with all the smoothness and jailbreaking and shit...See, that's what Apple goes for, idiots who only care about the ecstatics "Oh, it looks pretty", "oh, it scrolls so smoothly."...and stop comparing jailbroken iphones to stock androids, jailbreaking an iphone means it does what apple doesn't what you to do, which makes 2 types of people who hate you now...
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig evo3D
Tyra Picazo
Tyra Picazo Photon
Peter Hofer
Peter Hofer A jailbroken iPhone is not bad
Mad Strings
Mad Strings WP7 OS with more customization options for background and tile color (and change tile size/info as one pleases). Camera with as close to full size sensor and at least 5MP as possible with Carl Zeiss lens (and like then mytouch 4g slide) with at least 1 LED flash. 4-4.5 inch screen with pop-up keyboard like the Sidekick 4g. Gorilla Glass display. 1-2GHZ duel core processor. 1-2GB RAM 1800+ MHZ battery. 2+ MP front facing camera.
DK Alipio
DK Alipio Droid 3
Daniel I. Dones Santana
Daniel I. Dones Santana HTC EVO 3D
Khari Bush
Khari Bush EVO 3d
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli The perfect phone to me? Samsung Galaxy S2 + Apple apps. Android apps really need to be designed better.
Derek Nguyen
Derek Nguyen there is no perfect smartphone, every phones have a little to alot flaws in them... if there is a perfect smart phone then there won't be a competition between companies.
Henrick Rawlins
Henrick Rawlins Gallaxy S2 - the beast
Steve Moore
Steve Moore IPhone is perfect, if you don't mind having Jobs tell you what you can and can't have on his outdated always behind market features piece o crap iPhone, that you can only use iPhone specific peripherals for! Android kicks Apple's ass in listening to their customers.. The day Google tells me I'm holding my phone wrong is the day to find a new os.
Shane Garland
Shane Garland G2X!!
Miles Lark
Miles Lark IPhone
Ed Brown
Ed Brown 1.5ghz dual core, 4.5 or 5" Super AMOLED Plus retina display, 1080p video recording, 5mp camera, 2mp front camera, Xenon flash, FM transmitter, NFC, WiMax, USB on the go, micro SD slot, Android customization, HTC Sense 3.0 bling. Oh, and makes calls ;-)
Miguel Santos
Miguel Santos Blackberry Bold 9780, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S Pink Korean Ver.
Gregg Borden
Gregg Borden can't watch porn on an iPhone...
Jamil Oquendo
Jamil Oquendo Dual core, Carl Zeiss camera, 1080p recording, at least 4.3 inch screen super amoled, 1700+ mah battery, running windows phone 7, and thin body. That would be the most perfect phone ever
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz No one. Fast but battery suck. Good camera but is too thick. Better display but os suck. 4g but no 4g signal here .
Alex Pierro
Alex Pierro The one not yet reviewed
Rian Kapadia
Rian Kapadia By the way , apple sucks
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley Iphone 4 running Mango.
Abraham Arenas Aguilar
Abraham Arenas Aguilar O buscar videos en Youtube
Abraham Arenas Aguilar
Abraham Arenas Aguilar Todos saben q lo mejor es Android phones ,esos q les gusta los iphones es porque son simples y solo saben hacer llamadas,rebisar su facebook y buscar videos en
Sean Watson
Sean Watson Also to quell the web page scrolling debate... A. My tbolt scrolls beautifully. B. Its so easy to have super smooth web scrolling when u dont support flash. That takes a normal website and makes it half a website.. Just like saying the iphones battery lasts forever longer than androids. Course it does. 4g lte and widgets and real time syncing uses more battery. Your battery lasts longer cuz ur phone doesnt do anything. Last, not having removeable storage is assinine. The day after i bought my tbolt, i loaded 24 gig of music onto my sd card, NOT using stupid itunes mind you. If i had spent twice as much on a 16 gig iphone, itd already be worthless to me...
Zach Cline
Zach Cline And rooting and jailbreaking are completely different, With jailbreaking you're just able to apply different themes , tweaks and get apps for free- As where with rooting you can swap out custom roms if you want.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Garret LG and palm both blow so that is irrelevant. Also apple wanted to use super amoled screen technology for the iphone 4 when it was announced but it wasn't quite ready at the time
Jordan Hunnedspoke Smith
Jordan Hunnedspoke Smith HTC SENSATION 4G!
Tabitha N. Sampson
Tabitha N. Sampson iPhone 4,GS2, BB 9900
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade @Paul Davis, hells yeah
ShehrYar Asghar
ShehrYar Asghar THE RAZR!!!!....lmao
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Since we know there are pretty good phones out there I'd say the perfect phone would have WP7's smoothness. IOS' app quality, android's power, webos' multitasking and blackberrys security. Preferably made by Samsung, Nokia, or. *gasp* apple.
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade A free 1, with no monthly bill.
Ben Mattson
Ben Mattson iPhone 5, of course
Chris Bushing
Chris Bushing Any samsung or apple phone. The rest are all crap
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson "Any net 10 phone"
Hosea Carter
Hosea Carter 4inch screen super amold maybe, dual core 1.2 to 1.5, full 5 row kb, 8mp dual xenon flash,2mp ffc,1gb ram, android 2.3 or higher(pure uncut) and lte wow! I'm in love lol
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez A phone with very long battery life that has a nice big screen yet thin and very responsive and can be customized with so many cools apps. I guess this doesnt exist yet?
Cory David Baxter
Cory David Baxter Android nation #HATERS
Jerson Suazo
Jerson Suazo R quad cores on phones really necessary? What could you possibly need those other 2 cores? Maybe a 2ghz tegra 3 processor. No quad core because it will just make the battery that much worse.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Any phone becomes smart when it's laying on top of your moms stark ass naked body
Cedric Etherly
Cedric Etherly I want a dual core processor 10MP camera w/auto focus and 5MP front camera. 1gb Ram and EXPANDABLE application memory. Finally NFC with the best battery goin. If u attach any manufacturer and OS you have the best phone.
Jose Mojica
Jose Mojica @ervin Anyone who uses an android device has never experienced smooth scrolling. also my iPod touch never has that problem and its jailbroken. So maybe yours is a lemon.
Dee Nazario
Dee Nazario Blackberry Bold Touch (9900)
Jared Prado
Jared Prado Galaxy s2, htc sensation, lg thrill, bb torch 9910, bb bold 9900
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban @jose mojica... my gs2 is a smooth scrolling android device... and my ipod touch 4th generation freezes a lot...my ipod is having slow downs a lot :0 and i'm not making things up... go figure
Eric Casanova
Eric Casanova A phone that call call people
Ralph Sanchez
Ralph Sanchez Nexus S 4G is the best. If you have one you'd agree
Adam Van Weelden
Adam Van Weelden IPhone hardware with android software. Jailbreak or root you do the same damn thing with both.
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban quad core processo, 720p HD display, 7 mm thick, 4.3 inches screen, 3 days of battery life(normal use), and runs on android ice cream sandwich
Jose Mojica
Jose Mojica Oh and as far as getting the OS to run smoothly on every device it is possible. Just take a page out of windows phones book. You know since android take a page out of almost everything they might as well learn from that too.
Jose Mojica
Jose Mojica There's no smooth scrolling android device. And multitasking is the reason adroid has poor battery life. They need to limit the multitasking. Also every iPhone is used is just as smooth as my own iPod. If anything it might he smoother because I believe the iPhone has more ram. Im not even a big ios fan. But I can't deny that it's better to use then android. Im a wp7 user. WP7 a breath of fresh air. When mango comes out I suggest all of u guys give it a try. Im running the beta and its smooth as butter. How can my phone which is running a beta be smoother then your completely finished product? That's insane in my eyes. Mango is the future.
Nathan Shoup
Nathan Shoup Photon.
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas @benjamin well said
Garrett Vincent
Garrett Vincent You apple buttboys know that apple wasnt the first phone to have a touch interface set in a grid like fashion right?? Palm and lg beat them to that. Having g said that the iphone is a great device, but a phone withSAMOLED hd display. And quad processor running ice cream sandwich would be amazing. Apple is going to always be late in using the Newest tech as long as theyre is only one released a year. Thats why there suing everyone.
Equaknox Knox
Equaknox Knox The EVO 4G...kinda started everything..that's y the call it the SuperSonic...K
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio The Nexus series.
Anonymous @Jose iPod touch doesn't hang cos of one thing...It's not a PHONE, without the phone functions, iTouch is smooth as hell!!!! One Android's that pleasant to use? I can't name them all cos there's too many, but there's one I'm sure everyone will agree on, the Galaxy SII...And to port an OS to different phones isn't as easy as just copying and pasting like the iOS to different iPhones, it takes time and money on R&D...So if I were a company, naturally I would invest more money on the better models first...and Android is unoriginal? Yeah, Android may have gotten some inspiration from iOS, but they improved it so much that it becomes it's own...iOS stole the notifications bar and widgets from android with out changing it at all (yes, I'm talking about the pull down notifications bar)...iPhone multitasking isn't even real multitasking, stop comparing android's multitasking to it...and if Google demanded to filter every single app, that would defeat the purpose of android, an open source OS without barriers (not counting the barriers which were put up to prevent users from f**King their phone up ultimately)...
Mike Lee
Mike Lee WP7
Edgar Llama
Edgar Llama Ahm i have an ipod 4g an ipod 2d gen an they both run soomther then almost all android what gives!? Ahaha
Travis Jupitar
Travis Jupitar The nexus hands down it gave us somethin new but I'm not gon lie I HATE iphone but tht made the biggest difference in cell phones
Adam Shaffer
Adam Shaffer HTC EVO 3D
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson iphone 4 with android customization flash 1.5 quad core tegra 3 processor 4g lte and 12 megapixel camera
Deshawn Frage
Deshawn Frage Andriod
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders a phone that allows tons of customisation, I guess that rules iphones out.
Sean Watson
Sean Watson Ive never had to reboot my thunderbolt ever. Ive never had a single issue with it, and given the difference between 3g and 4g lte in my experience, having a phone that only supports 3g is a total waste of money. My opinion of the perfect phone, is a dual core thunderbolt, with a stock thin 2000 mah battery, that shoots 1080p video. With all the stuff mine does, and is capable of, i cant figure out how i survived business wise before i got it
Eric Casanova
Eric Casanova Nexus prime 720p HD screen , quadcore processor, and ice cream sandwich OS
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright No such thing, someone will always despise it. Although the phone I have is perfect for my needs :) Wp7 ftw!
Jose Mojica
Jose Mojica @luis I say iPhone has top class hardware because the phones are beautiful, sturdy, and the processor are speedy. It doesn't matter if it isn't all that expensive to make all that matter is that they made it right. The only problem iPhone as going for them is that the iPhone 4 has an antenna problem
Cody Shawn Sullivan
Cody Shawn Sullivan Sensation 4g
Jose Mojica
Jose Mojica I have a jailbroken iPod touch 4 with tons of customizations on it. From video wallpapers to make the apps swirl when scrolling to the right or left. I put sbsettings on it and even added on more icon for every row. It doesn't crash what so ever. Any phone running at 1ghz can do that. It just depends if the software developer allows it. But can you name 1 Android device that's pleasant to use? One that u dont have to reboot and scrolls smoothly? On top of that of that android has no originality. Its home screen is a poor imitation of the iphone with extra things added to it. The new marketplace looks like a poor copy of windows phone metro UI. The worst part of Android is the updates. Not every phone gets them. There's no equal support though out all devices. Performance on android devices is sluggish at best. It doesn't matter everything u can do on it if it doesn't do it gracefully. Plus it's multitasking is terribly implemented and 30% of the apps in the market place is running spyware. They need to scrap android all together and remake it from the ground up. Make it original. This is why I appreciate windows phone 7. Mango will only make it better fixing all the problems I had with it in the first place.
Ernesto Estrada
Ernesto Estrada the Samsung Galaxy S II...minus touchwiz...=o
Alex Villalpando
Alex Villalpando SGS2
Tavaris Rashaun Johnson
Tavaris Rashaun Johnson Blackberry all day!
Luis Angel Quiles
Luis Angel Quiles @jose you know iphones are cheap to make... not all high tech and advanced, you're only paying for the name
Frozen Mind
Frozen Mind iPhone 4
Vitaliy Chernyavskiy
Vitaliy Chernyavskiy iphone)
Cory David Baxter
Cory David Baxter @Daniel Galletti we call that the droid epic #fukkinsmart
Bryan May
Bryan May No phone is currently perfect. I hate to say it but I think iPhone 4 on ATT is closest. However, I am optimistic to see where windows phone and Android are this time next year which is why I'm not upgrading from the iPhone 4 to anything till this time next year.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Since all are trying to be an iPhone then the answer is simple.
Austin James Skidmore
Austin James Skidmore HTC Evo 3D with IOS.5 and the keyboard of the Xperia play and have all appstores like android market,Appstore,etc. That would be the perfect phone
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales so far the closes to a perfect phone that ive had in my hands i9100
Anonymous @Daniel You need a laptop then, not a phone...
Victor Rios
Victor Rios HTC EVO 4G FTW!!!
Daniel Galletti
Daniel Galletti Perfect phone would have to be a quadcore cpu atleast 2.0ghz with a 12mp camera with a 1280x720 superamoled screen and a front facing camera with a 4.5 inch screen running sense 4.0 icecream sandwhich with a 2000mah battery and a kickstand with dlna enabled and 1080p video recording and front facing camera
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor The HTC EVO 4G. The phone that kicked off the high-end Android smartphones.
Anonymous @Jose 1) Can a stock iPhone set widgets? No? Set live wallpapers? No? ok, how about something basic like scrolling wallpapers? Not that too? Apple is just making their software meet the hardware...They only put out allowing you to set static wallpapers after the 3gs and 4 came out cos of the newer, slightly stronger hardware...If Android did things to match the hardware of another 100 phones, there would be no reason for it to exist as it would just be as shitty as iOS...Try a jailbroken iphone filled with widgets and notifications, it crashes more than my fully widget-filled Wildfire, which hasn't crashed since I rooted it...

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