Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX launch date

After starring in a couple of leaks late last year, Verizon made the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX nice and official at CES 2012 this week. Like a few of the other products unveiled by Verizon at the big show, though, the RAZR MAXX wasn't given a concrete release date at the time of its introduction, with Verizon only saying that it'd launch "in the coming weeks." It appears that Motorola may not have been able to hold the news in any longer, as the RAZR MAXX's page on the company's website lists the new handset as being "available 1/26."

For those of you that'd like a refresher, the DROID RAZR MAXX includes specs that are fairly similar to the original DROID RAZR, including a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED Advanced display and 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, but it ups the battery (up to 3,300mAh) and the thickness (up to 8.99mm). Pricing for the RAZR MAXX will be set at $299.99 on contract. Need some help in killing the time until launch day? Check out @PhoneDog_Aaron's hands-on with the RAZR MAXX down below!

Via Droid-Life, Motorola

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"Is the DROID RAZR MAXX worth buying, given the huge battery?"

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Gilbert Vayard Well I'm one of the lucky once; bought the 1st RAZR and I'm still I'm the 14 days b4 is too late! But I think I'll stay were I'm now! 4 those iPhone lovers, I'm a iPhone user when I'm bored of one I move on to the next one! The only problem Verizon waves ur insurance! But I'm ok with it I still have the factory insurance! Bottom line is both phones are great, and all u need to do is know ur phone! I was having problemswith the battery too! But I remember I read having a right amount of apps only those we really use +a red wallpaper Yes red back ground extend ur battery life! My Display usage was 56 and now is 26! +a battery saver app >:-]
Adrian Anguiano @kevin: you comment is completely ignorant. An iPhone is just a phone like all other phones. Yeah, some people don't like it some prefer Andriod that's good for you but saying they're for queers I'm pretty sure apple didn't say "introducing the iPhone we made it for girls and queers" it's for anyone a phone is a phone but idiots like you wouldn't realize that. Have a nice day too asshole
Flako Ramirez Naaahh too many droid n now razr...windows is where is strating to be at...
Joshua Snodgrass Does Motorola have to launch a new phone ever other month now or what? You buy the Bionic and two month later the Razr comes out and now the Razr Maxx!!
William Smith A phone that doesn't need an extended battery? Wow!
Derek Lombardi Droid Razr Maxx? Not worth the non removable battery that comes in it... Especially when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available on Verizon.. 4.65" 720p display.. ICS..
Anonymous I phones are 4 girls and queers
Axel Jaramillo I would get it if my carrier was verizon. I have att and dont get off contract till july...NEXT YEAR!
Craig Smith Andy Frank
Jeffrey Hobbs I'm getting from these comments that a lot of people have extended batteries as do I. I have no idea why these manufacturers are releasing these phones with anything less than a 2,500mah battery. I have the droid bionic and my brother has the thunderbolt and we were both lucky to get through 3/4's of a day with minimal usage on the standard battery. Even with the extended battery on the bionic I have to charge it every night.
David Stokley Sr. I had the razr and my dumb ass sold it. but i going back with the first razr. reason is its so slim
Jeffrey Hobbs Dennis, the droid razr has a super amoled plus screen, that was one of the few improvements between it and the droid bionic
August Griggs id definitely rather take the maxx over the original. that being said, i think releasing it a few weeks after is ridiculous
Mark Hersman its amazing how everyone chatting about a phone and then they start bitching and swearing at each other.
Alex Simmons Yes it is worth it BC standby time is said to be 15days, it has a huge battery without the bulk.
Jesus Q Velasquez They are becoming like the iphone might as well call it droid razor (S) lol
Ben Kramer I didn't like the normal Razr due to how it felt in the hand but I think the Maxx's added thickness might make it much nicer. Either way I have a Galaxy Nexus and I'm pretty happy with it but if I hadn't upgraded by now I'd probably go for the Maxx with its huge battery!
Dennis Heggenstaller The screen still sucks....Waiting for next generation of phones with AMOLED, that qHD crap sucks.
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel No... Well im not a fan of droid phones period
Brandon Johnson Come on guys we're talkin about the ridiculous size of the battery in this phone. And looking at the specs wouldn't this phone be an upgrade comparable to the 4S since it really only has a bigger battery?
Adrian Anguiano And I'm not a iPhone fan boy lol I see what you're saying Aaron but if you think about it every phone company screws people over as far as contracts/phones. New phone comes out after you get a contract for a phone that you thought was new...yeah fun stuff
Aaron Bergman People get so irritated with phones when this happens daily with tv's, computers, tablets, shoes. Its all about getting the Best product to the people and i'm all for it. You should be looking at the contract being the real issue that you are stuck with the rzer
Adrian Anguiano @danu- haha talking shit on Facebook? Grow up pussy
Aaron Bergman @ Adrian Thats why androids user data base grows exponentially to ios. You cant compare one phone to a plethora of others. People need to realize that its not about Them upgrading. Yes the Original rzer came out and the few people who jumped on it did. But now there are thousands of more people looking for a new upgrade. The rzer maxx is now out and those people snatch it up. Is there really a time frame that you would feel acceptable with them updating a phone ? whether its a year or 3 months. If its a year, it screws over everyone who cant get the phone because of the contract they are in, if its sooner, it screws over you but works for the other thousands of people.
Jamie Bethell Millions of people have Iphones cuz they are sheep!! its all about Android, and in a year or so's time will distroy Iphone in the market! its fact! the Iphone is just the Iphone same old boring shape design! Android is the way foward!!
Jamie Bethell u get the droid razr and 5 mins later there's a new one! its gota disappoint those people on the original razr surely?
Bryan T Miller Way too big for me, I don't want any phone I'd need a phany pack to carry it around
Danu Carrión Perales millions of air heads buy iphones.. shut the fuck up and get out you ifag
Adrian Anguiano @justin- that's why million upon millions of people have iPhones? You're just mad cause you bought a shitty droid. Have a nice day
Danu Carrión Perales i dont get it... why didnt they make this initially the final product or at least release both models at the same time? its kind of stupid that the have to keep making remakes instead of making a REAL FUTURE PROOF SMARTPHONE
Brandon Johnson I'm even willing to bet there will be a bug involving that battery.
Ryan Rhodes Don't do HTC. I dislike Mr. Thunderbolt
Brandon Johnson It all sounds good on paper, but only time will tell if this phone is worth it.
Tony Etolle Hell yes it is!!
Ryan Rhodes I would def buy the razer Maxx. I do think it's ridiculous that you can't buy a phone without something better releasing a month later. I'm stuck with a monster Thunderbolt with an extended battery. I'm so ready to ditch this thing.
Jeffrey Hobbs It would have been if it was the original product. This crap where they release a phone and then update it a month later is getting old. I've got screwed with both of my last upgrades. I got the droid 2 and then a month later the droid 2 global came out, then last time I got the Droid Bionic and then the Droid Razr came out. Next time, I'm definitely going with HTC.
Ethan Shrago Hell no
James Norwood If you don't already own the Droid Razr then a remake isn't a problem.
Justin Michael Duncan And Adrian iPhone an windows are underrated.
Fred Telles I work for Verizon and I say this is the dumbest mistake ever. GIVE US THE MASERATI FINALLY! I am sick of remakes of remakes. First they bring the Bionic out and then two months later the Razr. Now they bring us the Maxx two months after the Razr? What happened to our Droid 4 that was supposed to be December 8th and then pushed to the 27th and now pushed to "sometime in March to May"?
Adrian Anguiano Hell no, droid is overrated
George Deleija The Droid RAZR Maxx should of been the final product. Way to go and nick the OG Droid razr owners in the balls lol
Ryan Landis Maybe if Motorola didn't make it..
James Norwood Damn right it is.

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