This Wednesday, February 22nd, marks the landing date for the PlayStation Vita, the newest handheld gaming device from Sony. It's a beast of a device, there's no doubt about that, and it should bring a whole new world of mobile gaming into the world, which gamers should be happy about. Of course, we've talked about how the PS Vita, and even Nintendo's 3DS, may or may not make an impact on the mobile gaming market at all, and with the Vita launching in the States I guess we will really be able to judge that soon enough. But, when we are judging those types of things later this year, as we inevitably will be, I'm wondering if it will come down to quality at all.

And I don't mean in the games in general, but what it will come down to for the consumers. Will it be ease of use and accessibility? Or will it come down to the content, graphics and playability? Or, maybe even just battery life. These are questions that developers for both platforms, or for just one, have to be asking themselves.

When it comes to gaming on your smartphone, it's about having it right there, ready to go whenever you want it. In most cases your smartphone is probably the only thing you've got on you, and you use it for your music, movies, gaming, and everything else. That's the way it's supposed to be. But, now that we're not dealing with small discs, and even games that can be downloaded right to the device, we can't really say that the Vita doesn't have accessibility to games.

Of course, while we're talking about content and quality, we have to talk about pricing, too. For the most part, games you can download on your smartphone are relatively cheap. There are some games that are outliers, the titles that are usually based on old console titles, and have a lot of sentimental value. Those games probably peak at $15, but that's as high as I've seen them go. (We're talking about just games here, not general apps like turn-by-turn navigation, which is next to highway robbery.) But games for the Vita range from $30 to $50, depending on the developer and title, so that's obviously already more expensive.

But those developers, and especially Sony, would tell you that increased price is due to the game itself, and the content therein. And let's face it, no one can really argue that. If we tried to compare, say, Street Fighter IV Volt to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there wouldn't actually be much to compare other than the fact that they are fighting games. The content and depth within the latter title is bar-none better than what's available in Volt.

And that comes down to the power of the device, I think. The Vita is a beast, while mobile devices are powerful in their own right, the Vita is literally designed to make games look good, as well as provide as close to a console-based experience as you can get on the go. The Vita does that, sure, but there's just one big, glaring problem.

The mobile market isn't capitalized by gamers. Sure, they're out there there's no doubt about that, but they certainly don't make up the majority. Because of that, I can't help but think that mobile gaming is going to get a weird, perverted view in those analytics we talked about earlier. I think the gamers out there would really prefer to play the more in-depth titles, the games that offer more meat for the money. Because money is money, no matter how "little" the amount is.

I know that for me, personally, I want a PS Vita because of the games. Because I know that when I buy a title for the Vita, I know that there's going to be several hours of entertainment in there. And not just because it's a repetitive, addictive game. But because it's addictive due to its depth, imagery, and controls.

I love all of the mobile games I've downloaded for my phones, but none of them compare to the fully-featured titles that are available on the Vita. But, what about you? Would you prefer to keep your gaming on your smartphone? Or are you thinking about picking up the Vita?

image via Joystiq

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lazycollosion I don't game so no, but if I had plenty of cash, I would just buy it cause it looks quite nice.
Tod Blauer I already have a 3DS and a decent Android Phone so I have no reason to own a Vita that I can think of.
Spencer Lewis I already have mine and I love it
Jason Young I already have mine,Best Buy did a 2/15/12 presale. I received the ps Vita and 3 games: Drakes Uncharted: Golden Abyss,Little Deviants and Mlb The Show. Its insane.
Dan Poller yes i will have it in 2 days
Angel G Febles I own on and it's fucking sweet. No one will come close to this.
Silver Diaz I love how people say the psvita will blow the 3ds away and how better it is. People said the same shit with the PSP being better than the DS and looked what happened! Lmao! Morons
Liam Warrilow Why would we. Most of us have iPhones. Undoubtably the best gaming platform about. Start a game on one device. Keep going on another. Sony are in big trouble. They're having to cut loads of loss making depts as they thought they were safe in their respective markets till Apple twinned with a Tsunami kicked the arse out of their business. iOS has cheap casual gaming. This will be the future of gaming on a mobile level. No one likes carrying around more than one device anymore.
Chad Dinkins No cause they upgrade them to fast. Look how many DS's there were in a short time. The PSP Go was DOA. I give Sony 8mos then we will see a new Vita.
Hamad Khan give me the heck ya money and i will buy 2 ;)
Brett James Burgoyne It is going to be amazing. I can't stand all of these phone games.
Kirk Ngo not at all
Chris Sutherland It a child's toy
Nic James i cant visit the site wont let me
Michael Schneider i would if i had a job,, but im not working and i have ff 13-2 and otehr games to play
Rahul Katiyar If had money sure
Nick Zhao maybe if price is right
Orion Pax People here thinking that Mobile gaming is the FUTURE....Open your F'king eyes....Unless your a dumb ass that can't play real games...Tossing Angry birds across the screen it not gaming...its called "TAking a shit gaming".
David Ordaz no but its cool
Chris Robato I can see why others won't buy it but for me, I will get one sooner or later for the Japanese RPGs.
David Witzel already have mine
Luke Hoyt I will After the price drop in a few months.its gonna happen there's no way they will sell enough units at $250 to $350
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Stephen Malz The MyPageKeeper application (http://apps.facebook.com/mypagekeeper/) thinks that this link points to a webpage that is potentially malicious. Check MyPageKeeper's detail report: http://www.mypagekeeper.org/apps/results/feb7deac-5aa3-11e1-9be0-001517d48dd9
Nathan Kendall I would rather have an Apple iPod Shuffle... lol
Kenny Pooranmal Nope just bought a ps3 320gb and love it
Skylor Mitchell I would be getting the PS Vita if I could afford it.
Darryl Mouzone That's a no for me.
Jeremy Abad Naw, I'm broke.
Max Chesley Already have and it keeps locking up...yeah another great product from Sony!?
Gueswho Craziness just got my hand on..n yup gettin one 4 my son bday comin up
Polar Code Nope waiting on xperia play 2 hopefully with 2 analogs sticks like the psp go and size how about like galaxy s 2 on sprint 4.5 and yeah why not little thicker because of the hardware but let's just wait what sony going to do in the future however it may be death by now this whole idea of playstation on android cause I see no progress on it
Genaro Molina Definitely not. Smartphones are running the technology industry and have left video games in the past. It's going to take something bigger and better than the P.S Vita do draw back in the gaming crowd. I've seen and not impressed the graphics aren't what I expected I thought that for sure they would be as good as the PS3 graphics but they weren't and there's barely any variety of games which are mostly over priced.
Daniel Quintero Nah it won't Y'all should wait for the price drop it'll happen
Carlos Nava nope not as long as I got my Galaxy s2 ...
Timothy D Alston Got mine preordered
Jim Mccoy Hellz ya... If I had the cash... @On The Go Solutions, Inc it's not an android you don't root it. You flash it and put cfw on it. All cheap ppl complaining about the price learn to pirate, just saying. And finally goto psvit.dashhacks.com they've already started homebrewing it and it's not even released yet.
Jeff Albert I got mine on February 15th. It is the 1st edition bundle. I am loving it. Lots of fun.
Kong Yang Already pre-ordered 2 of them. Mobile gaming just can't compare to the PS Vita experience. People are delusional to think it can. Physical buttons and dual analog sticks are a requirement for a great gaming experience.
Tim Oehlert Hell no ps sucks!
OOmega Vaux Nope !
Ray Munoz Psp gonna die mobile gaming is the future
Benjaman Green Gameboy!
Sheunesu Dominic Mugabe Prob not because of iOS is killing the mobile gaming... but i might buy it still.
Kris Sabo Maybe for the right price
Facebook user We just can't wait to get our hands on it and ROOT it! Like us to find out how it gets done!!
Husam Hammadi Nop, not even for free. Wth do i do with a small thing like my phone to play games on? and who the fuc* has time to play outside with this thing.
Mark Gittens No as usual sony is just gunna port ps2/ps3 games itz gunna fail
Tim Killian When I get the spare cash.
Amer Ahmed Iphone games cant compare.
Matthew Roberts Nah I've got a Samsung skyrocket.
Brandon Johnson The Vita will be in direct competition with phones running the playstation suite... I don't see the point in the Vita right now.
Anthony Peña Sure I would buy it if it was free and if they change the name to psp 3 instead of vita
Andrea Tharp Not as long as my PSP slim is around. I only use it for travel anyway. I don't want to use up my phone's battery before I get where I'm going
Michael Pittman I hope they dont bring out different versions like slim, that really annoyed me when they did it on the psp
Stephen E. Ribble no, but u can gimme one....
Christopher Wesley Yup. Paid for and waiting till the 22nd. Gaming on a phone/tablet sucks.
Matt Chumaceiro Tanner Tousey Please learn to spell first of all. Also, the PS Vita is in no way an Android device...
Chris Luddeni Nope. No vita.
Richard Ameen Its Pretty awesome since it plays extremely close to ps3 graphics but my iphone 4s is very powerful already
Douglas Frank Collett Yes all the way
Gordon Christie saw it in Game store didnt think it was any better looking than my samsung galaxy s2
Gilberto Lopez I'll wait for a 4g model.
Ed Baylon I like buttons with real games. Sure, I'll play stuff that's really designed for touch like Infinity Blade or Cannabalt. Anything else is just a waste of time.
Juan Pacheco Nope I like my pspgo
Fark Mukerberg well currently there is no point in getting the 3G model because no one will have a vita yet. id say it's best to wait until christmas where I am also expecting some price drop. we know a price drop WILL happen. also as much as i am PRO vita I think it will be Sony's last hand held or rather: it will be the last handheld that isn't a phone.
?????? ????? LMFNO! HELL NO! If Xbox makes a handheld gaming device with as good online play similar to XBOX LIVE the PS Vita would cease to EXIST!
Alex Anteneh retailers are angry because theyre going to charge 5 dollars less for ps vita downloads. hurts places like gamestop
Orewa Najib yes. yes i am .
Steve Iams LOL, no.
Norman Chan i text it out in store..i want one
Matt Chumaceiro If the games were cheaper ($10-20 max) or you had asked me about 3 years ago, yes. Now, no. The Tegra 3 games on my Transformer Prime are good enough for me.
Neil Hussey Hell yeah. Gonna be rocking one the middle of next week.
Xingchi Ding yeah sure, if it is under 60£ about $100 , i will
Bunny Contreras there's a dilemma buying this gadget.
Jonathan Ng No way at this price point
Marvin Rodriguez Have it and love it. Though the browser needs a lot of works.
Edgar Llama No too late
Gilberto Lopez I'll wait for another model. Pretty sure they will make one.
Anton Lemeza It's tempting but seems ridiculous. A rear touch pad? Come on... And the proprietary memory card? Does have potential though.
Mauricio Figueroa the fact that you can dl games from ps3 to the vita and back i would so do it.
Adrian Anguiano I had a PSP slim, played it for like 2 months and sold it. Hand helds aren't cool for teens really lol like for a kid it's cool but I'd rather play my Xbox 360 and Ps3
Tanner Tousey HELL NO. PS Vita is a shitty android divice made shiter with a good gaming experiance
Adonis Deonté preordered!
Logan Taylorr West waste of money .
Steve Johns I think it will they just got to bring down the price its not a big system or a phone it should like 150 at the most
Andrew Martin Yes 4 more day
Tyler Eggo Eggleston If they would let you download games you have bought in UMD form before for free, then I would consider buying the Vita. But they already said no to that, so I'm not even considering it.
Adrian Jordan Yes, I will pick up the WiFi version along with one game.
James Norwood The Vita will blow the 3DS away. I have both and a PSP, Sony's handhelds are better.
Aaron Wood Hells to the no.
Jeffrey James too proprietary. ..nope.
Ali Khromachou i Agree with Anthony looking for a price drop and more major game titles!
Manuel Leon Yes!!!
August V. Brown Na, the iphone has already taken that over.
Hannes Flo out of that age.. but a few years ago: YES
Mauricio Figueroa Hands down it will!
Jacob Mello I might get this for my bday. IPhone or iPad?
Anthony Mendez Not until they release more games and a price drop
Andrew Ray Carmona Hell yes 22nd of feburary traded my stupid 3ds and now im getting this ready for some real portable gaming something that cant be said for nintendo
Noe Zuniga What da hell is that??
Alec Myers fuck no they are weak and are having problems with them
Joshua Taylor Already pre-ordered
Mark Elizondo I will wait about a month or 2 for the price drop
Joshua Hooper NO WAY!!

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