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Earlier today we told you that ASUS may be one of the first to offer an upgrade to Jelly Bean, which is rumored to be the codename of the next major version of Android. Now a report has surfaced claiming to have information on the codename of the iteration of Android that'll follow Jelly Bean. Google is known for its pattern of naming new versions of Android after desserts, and according to The Verge's "reliable source," the search company has chosen "Key Lime Pie" as the "K" dessert for the Android update that will come after Jelly Bean. No other details on Key Lime Pie were given.

Like the letter "J," it seems that Google doesn't have a ton of options that it could use for its "K" Android dessert, so the Key Lime Pie moniker could make sense. As for when we may actually see Key Lime Pie introduced by El Goog, well, that could still be a ways out considering that the folks in Mountain View have yet to even make Jelly Bean (or whatever the "J" version of Android will be called) officially official. But hey, at least now we've got plenty of time to hone our baking skills so that we'll be able to prepare a delicious key lime pie on the day that Google finally does debut the "K" iteration of Android.

Via The Verge

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"Jelly Bean is old news! How about Key Lime Pie?"

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Cassandra Lipps These updates are making me hungry o_O
Ronnie Hill Jr It is crazy how Google keeps putting out os after os b4 all the phone manda factor's can get them on their device but no matter what any high end android phone has more useful ui than the Iphone hands down. I really don't care about the os, i want a great ui that works great and is useful for me. Dont want to thumb through my hole address book to find my mom's number, i want to go to a widget and touch it then call!
Eduardo Ordaz Blame the carriers. No one cares about what Os version it runs. U guys think it's about the updates but it's not. @zach. Then tell me at least 100 people that care.
Jeff Cross Don't blame Google, blame the carriers and phone makers for being slow to update the OS. Motorola is going to upgrade the Atrix 2 to ICS but not until Q3. Google has nothing to do with that. :(
Daniel McCarthy And everyone complaining about "bugs" and "fragmentation", I don't know about you guys but whenever I am using my Nexus devices, I don't encounter bugs at all. If you're concerned with having the best experience possible and running the latest and greatest operating system, get a Nexus device or root your phone and ROM it. Otherwise, stop complaining.
Daniel McCarthy Zach Cline, long time no see you fucking Apple trolll.
Brennan Huff Why are they creating two newer versions of Android, when they can't even get ICS on there flagship Nexus S 4G on Sprint?
Peter Hofer They must have a stoner who comes up with these names. Or a preschool kid
Abram Wenevermet Dennis My problem with Androids were every update would bring bugs that they never sent out fixes for instead they would release more phones with a newer version leaving us stuck with buggy trash..
Kimberly Johnson I'm tired of all these food-names-for-phones business!
Jude Fils-Aime Didn't they say Jelly Bean is for tablets only just wondering
Micca Koster Android needs to slow down a bit
Robert Manser I can't stand the names they come up with I just say 2.3 3.0 4.0 lol and whoever said Android pathetic you need to go into your room and punch yourself in the face.................................................................
Zach Cline Wrong. A lot of people care.
Eduardo Ordaz @zach Red card! No one cares!
Malcom Buckhannon I want ICS on my Droid incredible 2 soon please!
Rick Conrad Just wait for blueberry surprise in 2025 lol or chocolate milkshake in 2030 I can't wait! Yes that is sarcasm
Zach Cline They aren't innovating anything when Ice cream sandwhich isn't even on most devices yet. And most , If any won't even see ICS until quarter three of this year. But yeah- Let's rush out another version of android . Screw making sure that most devices are running the current version of android. Fragmentation is a huge problem And this is just adding to it.
Aaron Dean Who cares im still waiting for ics.it means nothing to me
Amer Ahmed Why is apple always mentioned on every single post about android?
David Hilgendorf Its so funny how these sites get ppl so fired up. They just said the next os name could be key lime pie, they didn't say it was released yet or in a few months lol ppl chill out and be happy they trying to make it better and give you more. Why let the other os manufactures catch up to you. If your phones lacking a update talk to your service provider and manufacture don't blame Google they just make the dope....
Daniel Samuels KING CAKE!!!!
Austin Wirl Yeah! Key lime pie is the BEST
Mark Belkowski We need ice cream first. Google needs to slow it down.
Farhan Technologic Next? Coconut Milkshake? LMAOO
Adoram Lalezari noooooo it should be Kupcake remix!!!!!!!!!
Al Hudgins Lmao @Kevin Harris
Hieronymous Igharas All android phone is a piece of sh*t.
Hieronymous Igharas Maybe tuna sandwich.
Eduardo Ordaz No one cares about what version the phone is running because they have a great phone. Besides it might not even come anytime soon. Maybe near the end of this year!
Corbin Sanchez DID YOU KNOW: -Kissing is healthy. -Bananas are good for cramps. -Chicken soup actually makes you feel better.... -Its true. Guys DO insult you if they like you. -Having someone rub your tummy when it hurts actually helps it. -89% of guys would want girls to make the first move. -Girls love it when Guys hug them from behind the waist. -Chocolate makes you feel better. -Girls love it when guys let them wear their hoodie or jacket. -Guys think its cute when you mess up. -A true friend will NEVER judge you. -There is only one guy who is worth your tears. -If you have a dream about someone, then that person went to sleep thinking about you. -More guys...than girls will read this. Everyone likes surprises. * Now make a wish. Wish really hard! Wish before reading on.**********************************************************************************. You wish will be received tomorrow. Your wish will only come true if you forward this to at least ten people. If you post this on at least 10 pages (comments, status, etc.) your wish will come true
Gerard Anaya My Dell Streak is on a custom gingerbread ROM because at&t are assholes and completely stopped caring for them. If it weren't for these people that do custom roms i would have still been on froyo. Can't complain cause now my phone is faster than it ever was. And ICS is being worked on right now. So i can care less for these upcoming versions...until i get the galaxy note :D
Paul Alexandru Lee Maxwell you're the obly hypocrite here i always see Android fans whinning in TiP's iOS page so STFU and suck a dick
Paul Alexandru What...THE FUCK!?
Hansel Starley Sweet maybe Android phones will be release with key lime pie in 2020
Tom Suriyan Lol, so they just found a name for there next OS update. What's the big deal!? No where in this article says it's going to be released anytime soon. Read the article before you post something stupid.
William T. Bassett I can't wait til Moosetracks is released!
William Martin To people complaining about lack of ics on current devices - GOOGLE DOESN'T MAKE THE PHONES OR UPDATE THEM! Do you cry at Microsoft because people are still selling netbooks with xp on them when windows 8 is round the corner?
Gary Brown Jellybean should not be talk about until everyone gets ice cream sandwich .(my opinion)
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen And where is Windows Wiener Schnitzel? :-))
Danu Carrión Perales People are stupid for believing this bullshit. So jelly bean is coming out but the asus will skip it and have key lime pie... people must be really stupid
Daniel McCarthy You guys can yell and scream "fragmentation" all you want but honestly the lowest common denominator of users doesn't care about the firmware. Want the latest? Root your phone and put a custom ROM on it or buy a Nexus device. To the guy that called Android as a platform pathetic, what in the hell is pathetic about innovation? I'd argue the exact opposite.
Jon Jerico Calanio Protip: They're just codenames. The actual software are still in long development.
Daniel Cuadrado How about getting ICS on all the devices before thinking of new ones. That is why Android will never be consistent.
Miguel A Navarrete How about they make up their fucking mind already, and just build over the current i.c.s Android. fix bugs and add new fearures control the damn fragmentation and integrate it all onece & for all with tablets and anything that has android on it. Get your head out of your ass google!!!!
Ryan Etzel IOS FTW<3 6.0 this fall (:
Jake Morrissey What happens when they run out of letters. Lol.
Carlos Nava What's next cockmeat sand which ?
Guy Sadkin Mmmmmmmmm...........Dessert. - Homer J Simpson
Tyler Frodl im still on gingerbread slow up a little!!!!
Flako Ramirez How bout Cheese pizza? Or fried eggs?? Crazy google and their names...
Sabreea Parnell Im curious to see what they will come up with when they hit Q and X.
Anonymous Just got my fascinate rooted c m 7. 2.3.7 I think rooting is overrated
Cory Wilson What's next fugde brownie
Callum Conway Just because they've chosen the name for it doesn't mean it's coming out soon. They probably haven't even started working on it yet. I could decide to call my first child James but I'm only 17 so I'm not planning on having one now.
John Fisher ICS? hell they can't even make gingerbread stable...
Tabib Rehman Android shut up about jellybean and hurry up with ics
Lee Maxwell Android rumors drop, iOS people freak the f*ck out! iOS rumors drop, iOS people drool and try to sell their overpriced year old toys. Smdh at all you hypocrites leaving negative comments.
William Martin Anyone who says they've been forced over to iPhone simply because google is releasing new versions of Android is seriously dumb. Blame the manufacturers, google releases a new version of Android basically once a year. Same schedule as apple. Sure, some older phones won't get upgraded to the new versions of Android, but if you're had a phone more than 2 years you should be due an upgrade anyway, does the i iPhone 4 have all the same software features as the 4s?
Edward Bolton I don't understand why people hate android so much , The only reason IOS devices always have most up to date software is because the hardware is mostly the same so its easier for them to be developed on. Android has a tons of different hardware out there each that has to have software developed differently for .
Frank Mendoza its a yearly update just like iOS updates their every year same as windows phones and blackberry. Jellybean will be ready late this year and key lime pie late next year....
William T. Bassett This is just a RUMOR of a code NAME for the OS. That's it... I can't wait til " lemon meringue pie" is released. O_o
John Fisher another reason I switched to iPhone last year...figured Android fragmentation would have been addressed by now, guess not.
Noe Zuniga That's how they make their money by making the consumer anticipate the next big thing #slowthe(F)down..android
Shariq Hussain Ics all the way
Kevin Harris and then licorice, muffin, no bake brownies, orange, pudding,quesadilla,ricotta,strawberry,turtle cake,undeniable deliciious browny bakes?,VANILLA,watermelon,xtra good cookies, yellow apple, zangy fruit. thats what i predict.
Camille Robinson LOL @ Jomar.
Richard Ameen Lol android killed themselves after 2.2 releases. Half the phones cant even get the updates. Slow down google you already forced me into iphone
Nain El Fuego Romero Updates are good. Stop bitchin people. If we were stuck on ICS u would all complain also.
JasMehar WaLia i dont give a shit im waiting for d galaxy S3 vs iphone 5 video phonedog :P
Gaylon Asha I just got 2.3 slow down
ShaiVaughn Crawley When you think you have a nice upgraded phone, android spits out another software to make your phone look like crap.
Jomar Lee Streeter Dang whats next?! Android Version "Bread and Butter"?
Bill Thomas Android needs to slow down half the phones that have android won't even be able to get the updates
Omer Khogali they should focus on fixing the ice cream sandwich first, it's full of bugs :/
Kristi Bryan Armstrong Wait.. what? I am still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich!
Carlos Hargrave Windows Phone 8 FTW!!!!!!!
Lucas LeCompte BS it should be King cake
Jr Hdz Smh @ Google
Justin Young I still have 2.2.... Im so behind.
Joe Czo most phones don't even have ice scream sandwich yet and they are already talking about the next OS lol pathetic!
Mustafa Jakubovic Ok this must stop google...no more os for now....why peapole need this we dont have update a gingerbread ....they workout new platform....big quizz..WHY o.O????
Manuel Campas Wtf is up with them naming platforms after food? Lol
Naga Appani People need to understand that "This is only a code name which is leaked", not the new pizza in Android Kitchen....
Morgan Hill What about ics?
Camille Robinson Ugh Android ur giving me cavities!!! Lol
Mario BadindianxpressRoyalty Maragh Well if they can release a proper android os LET THEM CRANK THEM OUT
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sad some phones are just getting gingerbread..lol
Ken Gorab Wow. I thought it was bad that people were thinking about Jelly Bean when ICS was just released and barely installed on 1% of devices. Now we're talking about Android 6.0 and 5.0 hasn't even been released yet. What the hell people?
Fonzy Paniagua This is to much for me to handle ! I'm still waiting on my ics !
Rich Hernandez wow and people slam iOS all the time. at lease Apple puts out quality releases with a few hiccups rather then just throwing shit out there.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Android is killing themselves...
Amie Lee Greenway Android is crankin' it out!
Moses Estrada How about we get ICS first
Richard Quintanilla Shit I'm still want my ics on the nexus s 4g!!!!
Chris Mara What happened to k lol
William Almes Seriously? Can they just take it one platform at a time? Obviously. They dont care
Carlil Ares Jean Android needs to slow down..

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