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Good news for iPhone-toting customers on AT&T today, as the carrier has confirmed that it'll begin unlocking the iPhones of out-of-contract customers this Sunday, April 8th. In a statement to Phone Scoop, AT&T said that it will offer customers the option to unlock their iPhone so long as they're not currently under contract and have an account that's in good standing. The full explanation from AT&T is as follows:

"Beginning Sunday, April 8, we will offer qualifying customers the ability to unlock their AT&T iPhones. The only requirements are that a customer's account must be in good standing, their device cannot be associated with a current and active term commitment on an AT&T customer account, and they need to have fulfilled their contract term, upgraded under one of our upgrade policies or paid an early termination fee."

We've heard in the past that AT&T would be willing to provide an unlock method for customers in good standing after a certain period of time, but the iPhone has long been an exception to that policy. iPhone owners locked to AT&T have long resorted to things like jailbreaking or other methods to get their device unlocked, but today's news means that customers that wish to use their iPhone with another GSM carrier can simply get their phone unlocked by AT&T once their contract is up. Good on AT&T for finally changing its stance on the situation, even if it's taken longer than I'm sure many would've liked.

Via Engadget, Phone Scoop

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Frank Porter
Frank Porter Oh, how nice of them. Sarcasm intended
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado Does anyone read the articles before they post? You MUST have an account in good standing with AT&T and your contract must be up for them to unlock it.
Jose J B Bravo
Jose J B Bravo @Micheal that's what I been asking myself since I too own an iPhone 4that I bought off Craigslist.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline The iPhone isn't a toy. Anyone that thinks it is is a fandroid or is ignorant on how to use it.
Michael A. Barut
Michael A. Barut Whatif you got the iPhone off eBay, craigslist? Will ATT unlock it?
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo My att iPhone was already unlocked lol I guess apple just gave me an unlocked iPhone instead :)
Damein Vasquez
Damein Vasquez Verizon is actually more expensive than I agree wit u on this keenan
Keenan Ochoa
Keenan Ochoa Hey mofo verizon is the same price as Att so how the fuk I can't afford them lol. Verizon has 4G LTE easy more places than Att plus uses a lower frequency signal which penetrates better than Att. 700mhz vs Att 1500-1600 mhz.
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab I plan on using it as my contract comes up. =)
Joe Zazueta
Joe Zazueta Att sucks ...
Jeremy Abad
Jeremy Abad These posts always turn into a Android vs iOS thing. I agree with Alci De La Hoz iPhone is a toy it is really hard to do tasks that your job requires. In my opinion. That is the reason I'm a Android user. Wish there was better App support on Android.
Francis San Pedro
Francis San Pedro Got a couple AT&T iPhones laying around, but I'm no longer with att, so no go.
Alci Dainjer Durden
Alci Dainjer Durden android phones are more productive when it comes to work, iPhone is jus a toy... K-9 mail ftw
Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray This shouldn't be new. It should have been happening ask along.
Rich Hernandez
Rich Hernandez
Keenan Ochoa
Keenan Ochoa Nor would I use Att service when Verizon is way better!
Keenan Ochoa
Keenan Ochoa No because I would never own or use the crapple fruit phone over a top end 4G Android device! :-)
Jonathan Cervantes
Jonathan Cervantes Force Verizon to unlock to any gsm even in the usa twitter war !!! @verizonwireless #verizonunlockiphone

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