Andy Rubin denies rumors that he's leaving Google, says daily Android activations now over 900,000

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 10, 2012

Android figure close

Andy Rubin isn't exactly a heavy Twitter user, but out of the handful of times that he has sent out a message from his @arubin, many of them have been provided an update on Android activations. Today Rubin, who is SVP of Mobile at Google, decided to send out his 11th tweet and, like several of them before it, this one shed some light on the latest Android activation stat. The exec revealed that there are now over 900,000 Android devices being activated each day, which is up from the 850,000 figure that we heard back at the end of February.

Rubin also took the opportunity to squash a rumor that recently surfaced. Earlier today, Robert Scoble claimed that Rubin was planning to leave Google to take the helm of a startup called Cloudcar. Rubin responded just a few hours later, explaining that Cloudcar is a group of his friends that he gives free office space to. However, he said that he has no plans to join the startup or leave Google.

It's been pretty interesting watching the number of daily Android device activations grow. Rubin announced waaaaay back in December 2010 that the figure stood at 300,000, and then in June of last year he reported that that number had jumped to 500,000. Now the figure is resting at over 900,000, which means we're not far off from seeing Android hit one million daily device activations. While it's not clear exactly when that milestone will be reached, I wouldn't be surprised to see Andy Rubin and Google let us know when it happens. 

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