Microsoft says that it has no plans to create its own Windows Phone devices

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 25, 2012

Windows Phone logo

Ever since Microsoft took the wraps off of its new Surface tablets earlier this month, there's been some speculation that the Redmond-based firm may be interesting to creating its own Windows Phone devices as well. It doesn't appear that Microsoft has any such plans, though, as an executive has told Information Week that the company doesn't have plans for own-brand Windows Phones. Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, explained that Microsoft feels that it's got "a strong ecosystem of partners that we are very satisfied with."

There are a handful of manufacturers, including HTC, Nokia and Samsung, that've contributed several devices to the Windows Phone ecosystem, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has even shown up on stage before to help one of his partners debut a new device. However, just because Microsoft says that it doesn't any plans to create its own Windows Phones now doesn't mean that that won't ever change. It'd definitely be interesting to see what kind of smartphone Microsoft could cook up, especially after the introduced of the Surface tablets. Whether or not we'll ever get to see such a device remains to be seen, but at least for the near future, Microsoft seems to content to let the likes of Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei crank out Windows Phone 8 devices. What do you all think of the possibility of a Microsoft-made Windows Phone? Do you think the company will ever actually make one?

Via The Verge, Information Week