Nokia Microsoft Windows Phone event September 5

Mark your calendars, Windows Phone fans. Nokia and Microsoft have revealed that they'll be coming together to host an event on September 5 and, as you can see in the invitation we received, Windows Phone will be the focus. The event is taking place in New York City and the doors to the big shindig will be opening up at 9:30 a.m. Unsurprisingly, the invitation doesn't specifically mention what Nokia and Microsoft have up their sleeves for the gathering.

So what will the two companies have in store? Judging by the small live tiles on the invitation and the fact that Windows Phone 8 is due this fall, some new Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia hardware seems like a reasonable guess. It's also worth noting that Nokia World will be kicking off in Finland on the same date, so September 5 will be a big day for Nokia and its fans. As usual, you can bet that we'll be bringing you all the news from this Nokia-Microsoft event as it happens. What are you hoping to see the two companies introduce on September 5?

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"What specs and/or features should Nokia's new phones have?"

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Hüseyin Ata Atasoy
Hüseyin Ata Atasoy Pureview with WP8 and Snapdragon S4 768Mb RAM and 720p display is enough i think
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar Android!!!
Harsh Doshi
Harsh Doshi android vs wp8 wars gonna continue.... but tell me 1 such android device (other than quad cores) that does not lag! i bet u would have no answers.....and the battery life man utterly horrible my nokia with 1500mah lasts for 2 days and android with 2500mah lasts 3/4th day lol! windows phone covers the gliteshes from android( lag bateery problem) and ios(boring and lack of choices) making it the perfect buy!
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Chad call it what you want to . I like Android because of all the things I can do with it . I can make it fit my needs and look the way I want it to . I agree with you 100% that choice is a good thing especially for us the consumer.
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 1.5 Ghz Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 16GB memory, microSD slot, 8 megapixel CMOS with Carl Zeiss lens, at least 720p resolution.
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Dual core 2gb ram.
Steve Zamenski
Steve Zamenski Android :)
James Vincent
James Vincent 41mp camera, dual core, 2gb ram, android (make a windows phone model as well) that way people can have the awesome camera without symbian
Chad Forthman
Chad Forthman @Matti Microsoft injected millions of dollars into Nokia to keep them afloat ,you should be thanking Microsoft instead of bashing.Even Nokia said Meego was a burning platform and they needed to jump off and move in a new direction.
Matti Hietala
Matti Hietala Fucking Microsoft ruined Nokia, they should have stayed making more Meego based phones.
Leo Baxter
Leo Baxter I've had several Waaahndroid devices and an iPhone (which I'm still using since my carrier doesn't offer a good Windows Phone yet). As soon as a high-end Nokia Windows Phone 8 device hits my carrier, I'm switching back. There's nothing like the OS as far as simplicity and integration (see Dan's comment above). I want something truly "mobile" that's not a desktop that's been shrunk down to a pocketable device. Mobile is mobile and desktop is desktop. And, for my money, a Nokia WP8 would be worth it.
Chad Forthman
Chad Forthman @Jacob Tec savvy? more like fanboy talk.I don't know about you but the last thing any of us want is to choose between Android or IOS ,choice is a good thing ,Im looking forward to BB10 and WP8 and what they can do.
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli
Michael Benesa
Michael Benesa Love these dumb-ass comments... I chose a Windows phone because of the product not because it was free. If people actually use it they can see how beautiful AND functional the OS is. We don't need freakin "project butter" to be buttery smooth. Right now, IOS is boring and Android, even with Jelly Bean, is still a ugly OS. You have to add skins and widgets to hide androids shortcomings. But hey, if you like it that way, then all power to you. Enjoy it. I'm not gonna troll an Android post to knock it our its users. You Trollers are sad.
Chad Forthman
Chad Forthman I've always had WP and then switched to Android,after three months I went back to WP and never looked back.
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Tino that would because a lot of us Android fans are tech lovers and read everything tech no matter if its iOS windows phone blackberry or any other os as long as it is tech we will read it . A lot of us Android users are tech savvy people that's why we bought real smart phones.
Tino Cabello
Tino Cabello These android fans on here are funny. They talk about how good their phone are and yet they spend the day reading news articles about windows phone.
Charlie Ebner
Charlie Ebner I don't know why everyone thinks Nokia should switch to Android. It is a good platform, but it isn't a mobile platform. Battery life is horrible and almost everyone I know that has an Android always has it plugged in, charging. I used my WP7 the other day streaming a video over my wireless provider for an hour, browsed the web, email, text and a 30 minute phone call, and I got 13 hours of usage. Try getting that on your Android. And in regards to Mikes comment, I chose WP7 over Android and iOS because it was simpler, fluid and just plain faster than everything else that's available.
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés Nokia will always be a failure with windows.. Android and Nokia= Success!
Dan Vesh
Dan Vesh It's obvious the people who comment saying Windows mobile is dead have never used a Windows Phone 7.5 device. The social networking integration is unlike any other platform, and everything is integrated so well that the OS is superior to Android and iOS. The only thing missing from 7.5 is the features that are coming in WP 8. The only reason I think WP hasn't caught on yet is because there's no truly amazing hardware on the market yet- but I think with WP8's HD displays and new models, Microsoft will gain a larger market share. For the new phones, I'd like to see quad core if possible, or even S4 1.5ghz dual core processors. 1GB RAM would be awesome- but even 768mb would be good (anything bumped up from 512mb- even though it runs really smooth just on that already). An 8MP camera would be fine, as long as it has good sensors and lenses.
Troy McKenna
Troy McKenna I used to really like Nokia phones until they bet everything on the wrong horse! They should switch to Android before it's too late!
Daniel Pavlekovic
Daniel Pavlekovic Higher resolution screen, 3.7"-4" display and metal casing. I tried the Lumia 800 in the store and couldn't believe how fast it was. Worked faster than iPhone 4S and HTC One X that were next to it.
Brian M McCoy
Brian M McCoy Didn't Microsoft get the memo that Windows Mobile is dead. It can't compete with Android and iOS. Never has and never will. The same goes for Blackberry. BB was great in the day, but it needs to die. Maybe they could switch to OS's and switch to Android while continuing to make phone. If they do that, they might survive.
William Hall
William Hall Until we see windows 8, we can't make claims. Nokia makes quality phones that far surpass and other phone.
Simen Sandvik
Simen Sandvik 1920x1080 resolution, 5000 mA battery, 35 mega pixel camera, 7.1 surround mini jack output, android 7.0 etc. That would be great! Thanks <3
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper Only people who use/defend windows mobile are people who were offered no other free smartphone options by their carrier. Find me someone who looked at a free wp7 phone next to a free android phone or an iPhone and chose wp7. I dare you.
Brandon Holley
Brandon Holley Lmfao it's hilarious that people think nokia would actually go out of business. They have stacked up so much money in their reserves it will take atleast 3-5 years for it to all be spent. If windows Phone 8 doesn't catch on then they would be in trouble. That's only IF they don't push this whole windows 8 experience thing on the public.
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez They should have a different OS
Robert Allan
Robert Allan Android
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez They should go into the toaster business or something.
Cory Wood
Cory Wood long battery life!
Steven Aers
Steven Aers they might be bankrupt soon :o so i would cancel the event :p
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Nokia still exists???

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