Open webOS 1.0 officially released [UPDATED]

Published: September 28, 2012

Open webOS 1.0 HP TouchSmart PC

When HP officially laid out its schedule for Open webOS back in late January, the company said that it expected to release Open webOS 1.0 sometime in September. Today the company met that goal, as it has officially released version 1.0 of Open webOS. As noted on The Open webOS Project Blog, version 1.0 includes an OpenEmbedded build that'll offer the complete webOS experience in an emulator, including core apps like email and a browser. Also packed into Open webOS v1 is support for Enyo2, which will allow apps built using that framework to be run in Open webOS. Now that Open webOS has hit the official version 1.0 release stage, it can be ported to other devices. HP has posted a video of Open webOS 1.0 running on a TouchSmart PC, which it says only took a couple of days to do.

So what's next for Open webOS? HP says that it plans to continue to develop the platform, with additions like open source media and audio components in the pipeline. The company also plans to make more Open webOS port announcements. While there's not a lot of news here for us regular folk besides the fact that Open webOS 1.0 is now available, it's still good to see HP reach its goal of a September release, and it'll be interesting to see what developers do with it (and what hardware it ends up on) in the coming months. 

UPDATE: The webOS-Ports team has managed to port Open webOS to a Galaxy Nexus. A brief video shows the port in action, and while the whole thing looks a tad laggy right now, Tom King of webOS-Ports says that his group is still working on the hardware acceleration. The clip is available for your viewing pleasure below.

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