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One of the most common complaints of Windows Phone is its app selection, which while growing, is still missing some big names that are present on competing platforms. Today Microsoft can now cross one of those names off of its list, as the official Pandora app for Windows Phone 8 is now available for download. The app has some unique Windows Phone features for users to take advantage of, such as a Live Tile that can show whatever the app is currently playing as well as the Kid's Corner support, which will automatically filter out explicit content from the app.

Microsoft originally promised that Pandora was Windows Phone-bound at its Windows Phone 8 launch event late in 2012. At the time, Microsoft also said that the Pandora app would offer a year of ad-free streaming for no charge at launch, and it looks like both Microsoft and Pandora have stuck to that. The Pandora app for Windows Phone 8 includes ad-free streaming through Dec. 31, 2013.

Pandora is a popular app on other mobile platforms, sitting as the number two free app on Android and the number 40 free app on iOS, so it's clear it's a pretty major title. The launch of Pandora on Windows Phone 8 is a big win for Microsoft, and while a Pandora app alone isn't going to guarantee increased market share or anything like that, the fact that WP8 now has an official Pandora app (and a pretty good-looking one at that) could help to seal the deal for anyone that's on the fence about purchasing a Windows Phone device. The Pandora app is available for Windows Phone 8 devices and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store right here. A video demonstration of the new app can be found below.

Via Windows Phone Blog, Pandora Blog, Windows Phone Store: Pandora

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"Today Windows Phone 8 added a major new app title to its catalog with the launch of its own official Pandora app. Which apps do you consider "must-haves" for any mobile platform that you're interested in?"

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John C. Cole
John C. Cole Required apps? Some kind of voice recorder, camera, calendar, notes, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Kindle, pdf viewer (Acrobat is fine), battery widget, flashlight app (you never know), and a good calculator app.
Brandon Holley
Brandon Holley They have a youtube app, it's an off brand app.
Bo Abe Vorachack
Bo Abe Vorachack Who cares bout instagram or twitter? I dont
Paul Keefe
Paul Keefe YouTube and Twitter
James Matthews
James Matthews Mark Belkowski you suck
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi They just got Pandora NOW?!
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski windows phone sucks.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker Oh and YouTube and maybe Skype
Ian Walker
Ian Walker Twitter Facebook Instagram get glue whatsapp
Mzzfluffy Bezzleggz
Mzzfluffy Bezzleggz Twitter, instagram, whatsapp to name a few
Bryan T Miller
Bryan T Miller Lol so funny, pin stations to start screeen is such a waste of screen space when u can have the pandora widget on android phones
Darrel Blandin
Darrel Blandin wells fargo mobile app andoid and iphone have it but not windows phone
K.j. Littlejohn
K.j. Littlejohn youtube's a must
Travis Newhero
Travis Newhero Instagram is nothing, ooo filters that you can do on dozens of other apps, and better. Sure I get it, the community glues it all together. But honestly just take pictures, transfer, then use instagram onine if you want. (You can do that right?)
LeJay Winkler III
LeJay Winkler III Well Skype is a must , but im still pissed there is no Instagram App !
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams With the amount of major apps missing from Windows Phone it makes it really hard to get excited about the platform.
Scott Breen
Scott Breen eff windows 8...doesnt let you dual boot ubuntu
Bobby Delaney
Bobby Delaney Cool now I can listen to music and take pictures. Then I can upload those pictures to insta....oh wait. Nevermind.

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