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Google's Nexus 7 is getting close to celebrating its first birthday, and as usually seems to be the case when flagship mobile hardware turns one year old, that means that it's about time for a successor to be introduced. According to two sources speaking to Reuters, that's exactly what Google intends to do. The tipsters claim that a new Nexus 7 will be launching in July with both a higher-resolution display and thinner bezel. The tablet, which Google is expected to make in collaboration with ASUS once again, will also reportedly ditch the OG Nexus 7's NVIDIA Tegra processor in favor of a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon chip.

When it comes to pricing, Google has gotten fairly aggressive with its recent Nexus hardware, and it doesn't look like that'll be changing with this new Nexus 7. One Reuters source suggests that the upcoming N7 will be priced at $199, while the older model will have its price slashed. Another tipster says that Google could launch the next Nexus 7 for $149, which is a lower price than the original Nexus 7 arrived with.

The Nexus 7 has seemingly done pretty well for Google, with analyst estimates pegging the device's second half 2013 sales at around 4.6 million units. Because of that, it's no surprise to hear that Google and ASUS are preparing a follow-up. The most interesting part of today's rumor is that the new Nexus 7 will make the switch from a Tegra chip to a Snapdragon one, a change that's reportedly being made for "power reasons." It's not yet known exactly which Snapdragon the next N7 will have inside of it, but improved power efficiency is always a good thing, and I'm sure that Qualcomm would be more than happy to have its name attached to one of Google's high-profile Nexus products.

Via Reuters

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Rick Dunaway hope they have a hdmi on it
Haithem Obeidi Definitely! Waiting for a new one. The tegra 3 was crap.
Paul Battle The n7 has to have some outstanding spec bumps and software features to make me upgrade. But otherwise, a display bump isn't enough for me but again, its too early to tell.
Waii Hui what IF they had the Nexus 7 with high res display, better battery life, thinner bezel, BUT also include a stylus. Call it the Nexus 7 note.
Waii Hui if they got the price down to $150, that would be incredible. I really feel that could be a game changer at that price.
Matthew Munson Id snag a 32gb one for like 199.
Roger SwiftMan Parks 8mp rear camera with flash, microsd slot, better screen and I'm sold...
Kim E. Salinas Put a nice rear camera then i'll be interested.
David Usrey I would have one if it had a good camera on the back
Francis Short Jr better if had flash
Ian Walker The nexus 7 is a great little inexpensive tablet so a upgraded version can only really be a good thing. So long as the price point stays the same.
Anthony Gonzalez Yes I didn't like how low the ppi was on the N7 considering it was 720p and the tegra chip is outdated it makes sense that they would change them I know I would.
Luis A Velez Vergara This is not an apple, better CPU and GPU, better screen and lower price how is it an apple? all they need is add micro sd and it would be perfect!!
Mike Dehls I'd rather Google prod more developers into optimizing their apps for tablet experiences. I don't think anybody would argue at this point that there isn't plenty of quality to choose from on the hardware end for Android tablets. Now, we need software experiences to match.
Fernando Gonzalez Ok never mind I'm an idiot. Maybe I should have read the article first... Updating a year after release is great. I thought it was going to be released like now
Fernando Gonzalez Damn it Google. Don't pull an Apple...
Chris King I'm glad that i waited
Jordan Scarano Of course I get the N7 for xmas and now this is coming . damn!
Armando Aranda That's my new porn device right there.
Jonathan Ng Hell yes

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