AT&T's GoPhone prepaid brand reportedly gaining support for iPhone and other HSPA+/LTE devices

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 23, 2013

AT&T GoPhone logo

AT&T's GoPhone prepaid brand has been around for some time, but as it stands today, the service doesn't officially support iPhones or LTE/HSPA+ connectivity. However, some new reports suggest that that'll all be changing tomorrow.

According to Engadget and MacRumors, AT&T's GoPhone brand will launch support for iPhones, LTE/HSPA+ and Visual Voicemail starting tomorrow, May 24. A leaked memo explains that customers will have the option of bringing their own iPhone or HSPA+/LTE-capable device or buying a new one without a commitment. Those users will then be able to sign up for a $25, $50 or $65 GoPhone plan. All three plans include Visual Voicemail support, but any customers signing up for the $25 or $50 plans will need to buy a separate data package.

The internal memo also notes that existing GoPhone customers with an iPhone or HSPA+/LTE-enabled device will automatically receive an update on June 21 that will enable this new GoPhone data access. Thankfully, any subscribers that don't feel like waiting for June 21 to roll around will be able to contact AT&T Customer Care and gain data access before that date.

AT&T's GoPhone service currently offers a $65 per month plan that includes unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of smartphone data. There are also $25 and $50 options that include unlimited texting and either 250 minutes or unlimited minutes, respectively, but those require a data package for smartphones that are priced at $5 for 50MB, $15 for 250MB and $25 for 1GB. These plans may not offer much data, but for people that nibble on megabytes or are frequently near Wi-Fi, AT&T's GoPhone service may be worth considering. The change is reportedly taking place tomorrow, so stay tuned and we'll give you a shout if it does indeed go down.

Via Engadget, MacRumors