Office Mobile for Office 365 app now available for iPhone

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 14, 2013

Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers iPhone official

After being the subject of multiple leaks and rumors, Microsoft has finally rolled out an Office app for iOS. Dubbed "Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers" (just rolls off the tongue, no?), the free app quietly launched today in the U.S. App Store. It's currently only available for iPhones and the fifth generation iPod touch running iOS 6.1 or higher, and as the name suggests, users will need an Office 365 subscription ($9.99 per month, $99.99 per year) to actually do anything with the app.

Once the requirements have been met and the app is installed, Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers will allow users to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as create new Word and Excel docs. Microsoft says that it's worked to make Office documents look good on the iPhone's screen by optimizing Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also including support for charts, animations, SmartArt Graphics and shapes.

Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers allows access to documents that are stored in SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint, as well as any Office documents that are attached to emails. Users can also access any docs that they've recently viewed on a computer using the app. Offline editing support is included as well, allowing users to make changes to a document that will be saved once a connection to the Internet has been reestablished.

Considering all of the rumors and speculation concerning a version of Office for iOS that we've encountered in recent months, it's good to see Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers finally hit the App Store. The app definitely has some limitations, such as a lack of iPad support and a required Office 365 subscription, but I'm sure that anyone that's signed up for Microsoft's cloud-based Office service will be pleased to see that they can finally get some document editing done while on their iPhone. The app can be found by hitting up the iTunes link below.

Via The Next Web, iTunes: Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers