AT&T dropping price of 2GB Mobile Share Value plan on March 9

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 8, 2014

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Hot on the heels of T-Mobile's decision to boost its Simple Choice 4G LTE data allotments, AT&T has announced that it's making some plan changes of its own.

AT&T has revealed that tomorrow, March 9, it will be cutting the price of its 2GB Mobile Share Value plan bucket. The 2GB allotment is currently priced at $55 per month with a $25 access fee per line, which works out to a monthly total of $80. Under the new pricing, that same 2GB bucket will cost $40 per month plus a $25 access fee for a total of $65 per month. Adding a second line to the plan bumps the monthly total up to $90.

AT&T says that this new pricing will be available to all new and existing customers. Current AT&T subscribers can sign up for the $65 plan regardless of whether they're under contract, using AT&T Next or contract-free. New AT&T customers can get that $65 pricing if they get a device through AT&T Next, buy a phone at full retail price or bring their own hardware. AT&T customers that choose to go the two-year commitment route will pay $40 per line instead of $25, though that cost would drop to $25 once the contract ends.

Along with the 2GB data allotment, AT&T's Mobile Share Value plan includes unlimited talk, text, mobile hotspot support and international messaging. As part of today's announcement, AT&T also says that it's giving Mobile Share Value customers 50GB of free AT&T Locker cloud storage.

Like the Mobile Share Value family plan price cuts that AT&T rolled out earlier this year, this latest price change is a nice move by AT&T. While 2GB may not be a huge allotment of data, getting 2 gigs of LTE data along with unlimited minutes, messaging and 50GB of cloud storage for $65 per month is a pretty good deal.

The change also brings AT&T's 2GB plan close to the pricing of many of the prepaid services that use its network, including its own GoPhone service. That means that those prepaid folk can jump to AT&T for a few bucks more each month and get full-on access to its LTE network as well as mobile hotspot and international messaging.

What do you think of the new pricing for AT&T's 2GB Mobile Share Value plan? Will you be signing up for it after it goes live tomorrow?

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